Ten Things to do at the Crystal Castle|Crystal Castle

Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens is located in the hinterland of Byron Bay. It is a place that celebrates the beauty, power and magic of crystals and other natural elements. The castle is set on 25 acres of stunning natural landscape, with beautiful gardens, walking paths, and stunning views of the surrounding area.

Here are some things you can do at Crystal Castle:

1. Explore the gardens: The Shambhala Gardens at Crystal Castle are beautiful and peaceful, with winding paths that lead you through a variety of plants, flowers, and sculptures.

2. Visit the Crystal Guardians: One of the main attractions of Crystal Castle are the Crystal Guardians, which are a pair of the world’s tallest geodes that are placed in the Shambhala Gardens. Standing at a breathtaking 5.5 metres, the Crystal Guardians are an exquisite smoky quartz geode with delicate sprinklings of amethyst and calcite crystal flowers and stand as sentinels watching over the property. The giant guardians are said to represent different qualities and energies, such as compassion, courage, and hope, and visitors are invited to meditate and connect with the energy of each geode.

3. Visit the Enchanted Cave: Another popular attraction is the awe-inspiring Enchanted Cave, the largest Amethyst Cave in the world. The millions of crystals inside are said to have powerful energy. Visitors can admire the cave or simply take in the beauty of the crystals.

4. Walk the Damanhur Spiral: The Damanhur Spiral is energetically connected to the stone spirals and labyrinths in the Sacred Woods Temple of Damanhur Federation of Communities in Northern Italy. These spirals are in turn connected to the awe-inspiring Temples of Humankind, dug under the mountain at Damanhur. Their combined energy is said to act as an extensive store of knowledge and inspiration that can reawaken the divine essence present in each individual. The spiral form invites you to journey deeper into yourself, and the walk inwards to the expansive Smoky Quartz throne, can be a deep healing journey and shift in energy.

5. Leave your note on the Wishing Tree: Visitors to the Crystal Castle are invited to write down their wishes, dreams and gratitude on a piece of paper and tie it to one of the branches of the Wishing Tree. The tree is believed to have powerful energy and is said to help manifest the wishes and dreams of those who leave their intentions there. The Wishing Tree is also believed to have a spiritual significance, as it represents the idea of connecting with the natural world and the power of manifestation. Many visitors report feeling a sense of peace and hope as they tie their wishes to the tree, and some even claim to have had their wishes come true after visiting the Crystal Castle and leaving their intentions at the Wishing Tree.

6. Attend an Experience: Crystal Castle offers a daily Crystal Sound Healing meditation (12pm and 3pm), an experience designed to take you on a journey of deep relaxation, peace, healing, and self-reflection. Listen to the amazing sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls resonating through the grounds of the Shambhala Gardens, combined with the tones of ancient, hand-beaten Tibetan Singing Bowls, gongs, and chimes. Weather dependent and in case we are unable to run the Crystal Castle Guided Tour, you can join the Crystal Intention Experience at 1.30pm to set an intention or gain insights and clarity on life’s directions. Crystals offer a beautiful way to help you create and work with those intentions. You can bring your favourite crystal or choose one from our selection of Quartz generators, supporting and amplifying your intentions during the session.

7. Have your Aura Photo taken: Have you ever wondered what your aura looks like? Crystal Castle offers an aura photography service, which is a type of photography that captures the energy field or aura that surrounds a person’s body. This service is often used as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth, as it can provide insight into a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Be amazed at the beautiful colours of your energy field, revealed by aura photography.

8. Enjoy a meal at the Lotus Cafe: The Lotus Cafe is a popular restaurant located on the grounds of Crystal Castle. They offer a range of vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as coffee, tea, and desserts.

9. Take a guided tour: Weather dependent, Crystal Castle offers guided tours in place of the Crystal Intention Experience at 1.30pm that can help you learn more about the history, meaning, and uses of crystals.

10. Check out the Crystal Castle gift shop: The gift shop at Crystal Castle offers a wide variety of crystals, jewellery, books, and other gifts related to spirituality, mindfulness, and healing.

Overall, Crystal Castle is a unique and beautiful destination that offers a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere for those interested in crystals, spirituality, and healing. We hope you have a wonderful day and magical experience!

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