Shambhala Gardens|Crystal Castle

Shambhala Gardens

This experience is free once inside the Castle grounds

The enchanting Shambhala Gardens are exquisite landscaped subtropical gardens filled with some amazing treasures. On your peaceful garden walk you will encounter enormous stone statues, and extraordinary crystals, some as old as 500 million years.

The sacred gardens are filled with unusual flowering plants, and you will also discover hidden charms, such as a labyrinth, the stone spiral, an amethyst rock wall, rare crystals, ancient geodes and fossils in the lush foliage setting. This healing sanctuary has many beautiful spots for contemplation and the ambience will leave you feeling recharged and serene.


Learn more in the ‘Shambhala Gardens’ chapter of The Story of Crystal Castle:

Janelle J

Byron Bay, NSW

Crystal Castle has been around for ages and as a long-time local it was one of those places that I always thought I'd get around to visiting... one day.
I finally made it this year, when we visited for my daughter's birthday.
It's a great place to wander around, learn about crystals and enjoy a wonderful meal in the lovely cafe. Highly recommended.

Dearne & Brian K

Neutral Bay, NSW

Wow ! OMG - Awesome - we've been here 6 hrs and I don't want to leave...

Kellie B

Melbourne, VIC

I visited Crystal Castle while on a family trip in August, as soon as you drive in the gates you can feel a peaceful and positive energy surround you,
it's absolutely magical.