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Aura photos

Have you ever wondered what your aura looks like?

Be amazed at the beautiful colours of your energy field, revealed by aura photography. Our trained team members will give you a mini personalised reading which will provide you with insight into the colours in your aura.

The Aura photo package includes your photo, a printout and a tumbled stone.

You can pre-book your Aura Photo package, as an add-on to your Day or Annual Pass:

What are Aura Photos?

The aura is a unique energy field that emanates from and surrounds the physical body. Aura photography captures this field at a given moment and imprints its vibration through colours onto a polaroid photograph. An aura photo and its interpretation can show unique and beautiful insights into your self and your life’s journey. The human auric field changes depending on the state of your emotions, health, energy levels and perspective, however the fundamental energy remains the same over time, unless you experience major life changes or transformation. It’s fascinating to watch how your aura changes at different stages of life.

How does Aura photography work?

Biofeedback probes connected to the Aura camera pick up electromagnetic pulses from the meridian points on your hands via the sensors (hand plates) and then the camera converts the pulses into their equivalent colour vibration, according to the area of the body to which they correspond. Each colour actually reflects your physical and emotional state. The camera imprints this information onto a photo as a colour field around your body, giving you an accurate colour map of your aura.

How much does it cost?

One Aura photo costs $60 or you can get two Aura photos for $110 ($55 each).