FAQs|Crystal Castle

Can we just visit the crystal shop/cafe?

Full admission is required to enter the Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens. This means that each guest will be able to enjoy everything that we offer. We are unable to offer entry to only visit the crystal shop/cafe.

Can we bring a Picnic to the Crystal Castle?

The Crystal Castle’s Lotus Cafe is here to serve you. No picnics are allowed on the premises. The fantastic Lotus Cafe will provide all your refreshment needs, and also caters to special dietary requirements, with many ingredients coming from the organic garden here. Like all great private gardens in the world there are rules and regulations to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors.

Can you recommend accommodation in the Byron Bay hinterland, close to the Crystal Castle?

We recommend the following websites for local accommodation options:

Byron Bay Accom

Hotels Combined

Will I be able to navigate the Crystal Castle with my pram/mobility aid?

Please see our suggested accessibility route for prams, wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Please note our pathways do include uneven surfaces and accessibility may depend on the type of wheels and style of your equipment. Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure your mobility aid is suitable.

Click here for the Accessibility Park Map

Are dogs/pets allowed on the premises? 

Strictly no dogs/pets are allowed on the premises or to be left inside your car.


What are Aura Photos?

The aura is a unique energy field that emanates from and surrounds the physical body. Aura photography captures this field at a given moment and imprints its vibration through colours onto a polaroid photograph. An aura photo and its interpretation can show unique and beautiful insights into your self and your life’s journey. The human auric field changes depending on the state of your emotions, health, energy levels and perspective, however the fundamental energy remains the same over time, unless you experience major life changes or transformation. It’s fascinating to watch how your aura changes at different stages of life.


How does Aura photography work?

Biofeedback probes connected to the Aura camera pick up electromagnetic pulses from the meridian points on your hands via the sensors (hand plates) and then the camera converts the pulses into their equivalent colour vibration, according to the area of the body to which they correspond. Each colour actually reflects your physical and emotional state. The camera imprints this information onto a photo as a colour field around your body, giving you an accurate colour map of your aura.


How much does it cost?

One Aura photo costs $60 or you can get two Aura photos for $110 ($55 each).


Recommended Reading

“Hands of Light” written by Barbara Ann Brennan

Exploring Auras” written by Susan G Shumsky

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