Enchanted Cave|Crystal Castle

Every geode is a mystery until it’s opened, and then it’s a wonder!

120 million years ago, in northern Uruguay, South America, a giant bubble formed inside a molten lava flow. Through intense pressure, heat and the presence of iron, millions of tiny amethyst crystals began to grow. When a farmer discovered this massive geode, Crystal Castle founder Naren and his daughter Manya flew to the site to check it out.

“We found this geode so awe-inspiring, we knew we had to bring it home. This magical creation of Nature is our gift to the Crystal Castle in her 30th year. We hope you enjoy seeing the largest amethyst cave ever discovered in the world!”

The Enchanted Cave is approximately 5.5 metres wide and weighs over 20,000 kilograms, that’s 20 tonne!


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