The Peace Dome|Crystal Castle


Welcome to the Peace Dome, our 15-metre geodesic sound dome.

The dome is based on an icosahedron, reminiscent of the Pyramid whose name means Fire (pyra) in the Middle (mid), the dome being a multi-faceted pyramid that amplifies sound and energy.

The Peace Dome can also work as a ‘whispering wall’ where one can hear another person on the other side of the dome when both face the walls and talk.

For those who enjoy the technical side, an icosahedron is a spherical shaped polyhedron made from 20 equilateral triangles.

If you look up while standing inside the Peace Dome, you will see a pentagon at the top of the dome and 5 more pentagons equally spaced about halfway down the dome. If you draw a line between the centre points of the pentagons, the resulting large triangle is one of the faces of an Icosahedron.

The pentagons in the dome contain perfect examples of the Golden Ratio (relating to sacred geometry). Lasting from ancient civilisations until today, the Golden Ratio has often been used in the design of art and architecture, from a simple spiral to more complex designs. It can be found in churches, temples, mosques, religious monuments, altars, tabernacles, sacred spaces and religious art.

Kellie B

Melbourne, VIC

I visited Crystal Castle while on a family trip in August, as soon as you drive in the gates you can feel a peaceful and positive energy surround you,
it's absolutely magical.

Janelle J

Byron Bay, NSW

Crystal Castle has been around for ages and as a long-time local it was one of those places that I always thought I'd get around to visiting... one day.
I finally made it this year, when we visited for my daughter's birthday.
It's a great place to wander around, learn about crystals and enjoy a wonderful meal in the lovely cafe. Highly recommended.

Dearne & Brian K

Neutral Bay, NSW

Wow ! OMG - Awesome - we've been here 6 hrs and I don't want to leave...