Buddha Walk|Crystal Castle

Learn about the Buddha Walk in The Story of Crystal Castle:

The ‘Buddha Walk’ is a unique half kilometre walk offering spectacular views of Byron’s hinterland. On the walk you will discover giant crystals, lush sub-tropical gardens, enormous statues, a bamboo walk, and beautiful spaces for contemplation and meditation.

The amazing statues are hand carved from volcanic rock from Gunung Merapi (mountain of fire), the same stone used to carve the famous Buddhist monument Borobudur in Java, Indonesia.

In a spontaneous gesture the Crystal Castle visitors have been making coin offerings on the statues. These offerings are sent to a Tibetan Kindergarten in Northern India to help preserve the Tibetan culture.

Who you will meet along the way:

  • Blessing Buddha – sitting on his lotus this amazing statue is almost 4 metres high and weighs 14 tonne.
  • Buddha’s Lotus Mosaic – by Turiya Bruce
  • Amethyst Gateway
  • Castle Sculpture and Dragon – by Steve the Sandman
  • Lakshmi – Goddess of Abundance – 3.5 metres high.
  • Ganesh – God of new beginnings, over 2 metres high
  • Garuda & Vishnu – Vishnu, the God of love and saviour of the world, rides upon Garuda, representative of honesty and the preserver of truth
  • Nandi – The Lord of Joy and vehicle of Shiva
  • Avalokiteshvara – The Buddha of Compassion

Kellie B

Melbourne, VIC

I visited Crystal Castle while on a family trip in August, as soon as you drive in the gates you can feel a peaceful and positive energy surround you,
it's absolutely magical.

Janelle J

Byron Bay, NSW

Crystal Castle has been around for ages and as a long-time local it was one of those places that I always thought I'd get around to visiting... one day.
I finally made it this year, when we visited for my daughter's birthday.
It's a great place to wander around, learn about crystals and enjoy a wonderful meal in the lovely cafe. Highly recommended.

Dearne & Brian K

Neutral Bay, NSW

Wow ! OMG - Awesome - we've been here 6 hrs and I don't want to leave...