Crystals can support us to consciously choose what we want to create in our lives. When we work with the power of intention positive change can occur in surprising ways, and life can flow from here instead of from our fears. You can practice manifesting your positive wishes for yourself, others, or the whole world, by picking a crystal such as Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz, or any other crystal you feel connected to.

Take some deep breaths to centre yourself and then form a clear intention in your mind.
Experience this intention fully, as if it is happening right now.
Then transfer this intention into your crystal, using your breath. Take a few minutes to visualise the thought and feeling transferring into your crystal.
Your crystal is programmed!
Act on any synchronicities or opportunities that may show up.

Next time you visit us, be sure to join our Crystal Intention Experience where you can take part in a special guided meditation and program a beautiful Smoky Quartz crystal with your own wishes.

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