Unlock the Power of the February Birthstones|Crystal Castle

The second month in the year, February is a month where we start to ground the new year and move forward with our intentions.

Traditionally February, was the month of purification. The word in Latin means to ‘purify’ and festivities in ancient Rome were held to reestablish the empire’s focus on right living. When we clear our energy and come to greater clarity, we are more able to move forward successfully.

The February birthstones are the beautiful Amethyst and potent Bloodstone.

Here at the Crystal Castle we have some extraordinary amethyst crystals, including our Enchanted Cave, exquisite new Dragon Egg, and the Wings to Eternity.

Amethyst is an exquisite crystal believed to have the ability to open the crown chakra and support higher guidance. Sitting in our new rare Uruguayan amethyst Dragon Egg Cave may inspire you!

You can get a sneak peek here

Amethyst is also said to have a calming effect on the nervous system, a purifying effect on the mind and to support meditation.

The other February birthstone, earthy Bloodstone is believed to have the ability to restore and rebuild body and mind and to stimulate the base chakra, supporting grounding and vitality. You could experiment with Bloodstone and Amethyst during this month to connect to inspiration and then ground your intentions. We look forward to hearing about your experiences with these beautiful stones.

We hope to welcome you soon!

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