Giant Shiva Lingam|Crystal Castle

Five years ago the Crystal Castle acquired a giant stone Shiva Lingam from the Narmada River in India, which is one of the seven holy places of pilgrimage in India.

It took two more years to find a matching carved marble yoni base to fit the lingam. Finally, the shiva lingam and its base have been put together by our awesome team with the help of Patrick Regnault from Interactive Landscapes, and it is now standing in the Peace Room on display for you to enjoy.

The Shiva Lingam stones of Narmadeshawara are sacred in both Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. The collection of these stones is passed down from generation to generation, and they are gathered on one sacred day a year from an area near the source of the Narmada River, about 300 miles north of Bombay.

These beautiful stones are polished into this traditional oval shape by the action of the river, then enhanced by hand polishing with a waxy butter, which gives them their unique gleam and texture.

Said to contain one of the highest vibrations of all stones on earth, the Shiva Lingam represents the blending of male and female energy, with the shape of the stone representing the male (knowledge) and the markings representing the female (wisdom). The stone is said to work with the breath and fluids of the body, creating a harmony in the body’s flow.

On a personal note, the two years following the arrival of this enormous Shiva Lingam at the Crystal Castle were memorable, with no less than 8 members of the Crystal Castle team falling pregnant within this time, so in our collective experience, the Shiva Lingam may also be used to enhance fertility!

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