The Enchanted Cave is here!|Crystal Castle

After a mammoth journey and a HUGE two days, the Enchanted Cave from Uruguay is finally here!

It took 7 hours and several teams of experts to “birth” it from its shipping container at the port in Brsbane, who said it was their biggest challenge in 50 years!

It was then we discovered that the Uruguayans had under-estimated its weight by 5,000 kgs!

So this beauty actually weighs in at over 20,000kg (20 tonne!)

Our huge thanks to the awesome guys from Universal Cranes – Matty, Marcus and Patchy – who got this enormous baby safely off the truck and into position, and also to the fabulous Brad and Daniel from Cargo Network International, our trusted import partner for 25 years, and to Interport depot’s Mick & Kath and their amazing team for the epic 7 hours of unloading! You guys rock!


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