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Because Calcite grows in so many colours and formations, you could pretty much do a whole chakra balancing on yourself with a pure calcite array! Red, Honey, Orange, Pink (Mangano) Green, Blue and Optic are the main ones you’ll commonly see throughout the Crystal Castle.

Each colour and type has its own specific energy and works on a particular area of the physical and energetic body…

Red Calcite is said to be a wonderful crystal for women of all ages, as it is said to work on the endocrine and lymphatic systems and may be helpful in balancing the hormones and in mineral absorption. It is also said to be beneficial for supporting women preparing for pregnancy or childbirth. Being a fire element crystal, it may assist in moving energy through the physical body systems, and it may help you be present in and appreciate the physical experience and all that goes with it. It may also help you clear any mental confusion or spaciness, make decisions and take action. (Naisha Ahsian – Book of Stones)

Orange Calcite is said to carry the fire element energy, encouraging warmth, circulation, metabolism and the flow of energy. It may help you reclaim your health and vitality, whilst bringing out the childlike spontaneity and creativity within you.

Mangano Calcite is said to support the health of both the emotional and physical heart and may also stimulate the gentle release of buried anger or grief, allowing you to clear old emotional patterns and blocks. It is said to carry a supportive, calming and loving energy, which may assist in clearing, relaxing and revitalising, particularly in times of trauma or turmoil.

Green Calcite is said to have a refreshing effect on your etheric and emotional body, helping to cool ‘hot’ emotions like anger and irritability, and nurturing and clearing the heart chakra. It may assist in removing relationship patterning and releasing emotional attachment and resentment, encouraging forgiveness and opening to Divine love. It is said to encourage growth and self-development and to encourage a willingness to change and a renewed sense of purpose in life.

Blue Calcite is said to stimulate intuitive abilities. It may bring inspiration and support flow of ideas and expression through speaking,writing or other creative outlets.

Optic Calcite is said to activate multilevel energetic awareness and may assist you to release resistance to the divine will, get out of your own way and move forward with clarity and surrender.

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