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Aura photos

Have you ever wondered what your aura looks like?

Be amazed at the beautiful colours of your energy field, revealed by aura photography. Our trained team members will give you a mini personalised reading which will provide you with insight into the colours in your aura.

The Aura photo package includes your photo, a printout and a tumbled stone.

*No need to pre-book Aura Photos, simply show your purchase order/voucher when you arrive at the Crystal Castle.

Cost of Aura photos:
Aura photos are $60 each or two for $110.

Buy 1 x Aura photo $60 here

Buy 2 x Aura photos $110 here

Tarot readings

Our experienced tarot readers offer detailed readings often supported by other modalities, like astrology, psychic arts and palmistry.

A reading can offer a visual door into your personal world, highlighting your true potential. Any life issue or question can be illuminated when posed clearly and sincerely as the cards reveal the hidden knowledge of your unconscious mind to the reader. The practitioners facilitate the client’s journey respectfully.

*Bookings available daily at the Crystal Castle  or to pre – book please call (02) 6684 3111 and leave your name, number and date that you wish to book and we’ll have one of our angels call you back to confirm an appointment.

*Please note that readings are only available to adults of 18 years of age or older.

Cost of readings:
1/2 hour reading – $85

Entry to the Crystal Castle is not included, please ensure you have a valid entry ticket/pass.

* we need at least 24 hours cancellation notice ,  if on an occasion a tarot reader is sick or unable to make the day you booked another tarot reader will be able to read that day. Or alternatively we can reschedule to another day that best suits.


Tarot readers

Natasha (Monday)

Natasha (Monday)

Tarot Card Reader & Astrologer

Natasha is a well respected tarot reader, astrologer and medicine woman who has been in deep study and communion with nature and wisdom modalities for over 15 years.
She holds a Diploma in Astrology from the Wollongong College of Astrology.

Travelling to sacred sites all over the world from age 18, she has been initiated into esoteric and shamanic traditions and draws from these immersive experiences to offer insightful, empowering readings.

“It is my truest intention to assist others to move forward with a sense of purpose and deeper self awareness. I believe we all have profound gifts to offer the world and there is immense courage to be found in our challenges. Magic is in all of us, we just have to know how to find it.”

Natasha holds regular workshops on tarot and practical magick in the Byron shire and abroad.

Michelle (Tuesday)

Michelle (Tuesday)

BA Yale University, MFA Brandeis University, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader

Over 20 years experience reading the Tarot professionally, a lifetime of study & practice of the spiritual and metaphysical arts, as well as a natural psychic & intuitive ability, enable Michelle to consistently deliver accurate readings grounded in compassion, clarity, practicality, and empowerment.

A teacher and author of Tarot and Intuition-expanding skills, Michelle has appeared on Australian National Television, Radio, in print, and internet psychic forums, with scores of regular clients in the US and Australia.

Michelle employs a revolutionary approach based on the insight that:

“The quality of our present moment awareness directly influences our future. When we are in alignment with What is, owning our gifts, abilities, joys, heart’s desires, and the practicalities of our situation, we are empowered to experience life, and our future, in the best possible way.”

Fern (Wednesday)

Fern (Wednesday)

Tarot Reader & Naturopath

Fern is an internationally renowned tarot reader, bringing with her over 35 years experience.
She is also a Registered Naturopath, as well as a United Nations’ World Health Organisation Consultant. She has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Diplomas in Naturopathy, Botanical Medicine, Nutrition and Homoeopathy.

She was initiated by Maria Sabina into Intuition and Shamanism in Oaxaca, Mexico (Teacher of Carlos Castaneda) in 1971 and did Jungian Dream Work and Intuition with Psychiatrist Dr Lee (Original Student of Carl Jung in Zurich) 1983-1986.

She has lectured in the School of Complimentary Medicine at the Southern Cross University in Lismore, published extensively, and appeared on TV and Radio.

Her guidance and intuition has been received by all kinds of people: from Heads of State, bank managers, doctors and politicians to Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and people like You!

Shantaya (Thursday)

Shantaya (Thursday)

Psychic Medium, Tarot and Oracle Card Reader

For more than 13 years, I have had the pleasure of helping and giving guidance as a Psychic Reader to people residing both in Australia and overseas. From a very young age I was highly aware of the spirit realm and found serenity and peace in the world of Mother Earth, through her innate beauty and the magic of colour and stones. In addition, I developed a love of and strong communion with animals and music. I was encouraged by my maternal mother to believe in the kingdom of fairies and the endless worlds that exist beyond the human eye. I feel blessed, grateful, and honoured to be able to guide people towards discovering, acknowledging, and appreciating their own inner beauty, their gifts and talents, and their personal uniqueness. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than assisting someone to move through initiations and challenges; to discover something new and to move towards the realisation that anything is possible and everything is achievable.

Patsy (Friday)

Patsy (Friday)

MA University of London, Psychic, Medium and Astrologer

Offering psychic, mediumship, astrology, tarot and palm readings, Patsy began reading tarot and palms in her teen years. She studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and has worked professionally as a psychic astrologer for over 20 years. She has made several live daytime TV appearances and is the author of ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon’.

Patsy’s readings reflect her lengthy experience: her readings are sensitive to your needs, insightful and will help you to gain purpose and direction. She has studied with some of the world’s best psychics and astrologers and teaches astrology and psychic development.
Patsy contributes horoscopes to over 65 newspapers and her Astrology diaries are published yearly. She is a member of the International Psychics Association and the Queensland Federation of Astrologers.

Kat (Saturday)

Kat (Saturday)

Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Kat is a Shamanic Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Counsellor. She began reading tarot and astrology in her teen years and has worked professionally as a shamanic astrologer for over 5 years.

Kat’s readings empower you to move forward with ease and grace on your path and can allow you to develop innate clarity and awareness to fulfil your soul’s purpose. She is passionate about reconnecting you to truth and purpose, fulfilling your highest potential and living from your heart.

Her readings are insightful, powerful and transformative and can assist you in gaining clarity and direction. Kat feels honoured to support you in moving through life’s challenges to create a life of love and abundance.

Siana (Sunday)

Siana (Sunday)

Tarot and Psychic Reader

Siana Carren is a renowned metaphysician, psychic and tarot reader with over 20 years experience. Siana has an honours degree in philosophy and comparative religions (UQ).

I have spent the last 20 years honing my skills and my craft as a reader, healer and practitioner of Reiki and Shamanism. As an Initiate of the path of Western Magic, I began my in-depth studies of Astrology, Numerology, Qabbalah and Alchemy. I have followed these disciplines consistently and with a great love of the knowledge which is continually unveiling itself to me.

This knowledge has augmented my natural insight and sensitivity. This has given me a great depth and breadth of scope from which to draw the particular language which will be most clearly understood by the person during a reading. I believe it is important for each person to have a reading which is uniquely tailored to their specific needs and what their soul requires. – Siana