Peace Hour|Crystal Castle

Imagine starting the day with a powerful reflective walk in a sacred setting.

Well now you can!

Here at the Crystal Castle we have created a special “Peace Hour” in the early morning before we open our gates, where you can do just that and more.
It’s the perfect time for you to embrace tranquil space to be with yourself and to soak up the magic of this peaceful sanctuary.

The Peace Hour is an enriching mindful walk of awareness that begins with a guided meditation to take you into stillness and introduces the practice of walking meditation, and then continues with a silent walk of solitude around the beautiful Shambhala Gardens.

Walking meditation is a way to unite mind, body and spirit in full focus of walking.
Thich Nhat Hanh describes walking meditation as “arriving with every step”.

The Peace Hour is free with your entry fee or Annual Pass.

Gift yourself this nourishing opportunity for self-reflection and connection,
a beautiful way to find harmony and balance in the busyness of your everyday life.

Adult Day Pass – Peace Hour



Concession Day Pass – Peace Hour



Pre-existing Annual Pass – Peace Hour


*If you hold any current annual pass - this exclusive Peace Hour experience is included
Please register your attendance on checkout


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