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10:30 am – 4.15 pm

Roast Vegetable & Feta Frittata $12 (gf)
Served with house tomato relish

Mediterranean Opened Sandwich $15 (gf, v)
Delicious G.F seeded bun topped with basil pesto, roasted eggplant and capsicum, toasted & topped with fresh spinach & aioli Add Feta + $2

Toasted Turkish Roll $12
Pesto, tomato, cheese & spinach

*Add a garden side salad + $5 *
Add Avo + $4
Chef’s Special Breakfast Platter $18
( avail 10:30am t0 12pm only)

Check our Specials Board for today’s option

10:30am – 4.15pm

Veggie Hot Dog 7 (v)
A vegan hot dog with tomato sauce.
Add melted cheese + $1

Kids Turkish Sandwiches $5
Cheese / Cheese & Vegemite / Vegemite / Cheese & Tomato

Nuggets $9.5 (v, gf)
6 plant based nuggets & tomato sauce

Kids Pasta $15 (v, gf)
Pecan-Bolognese G.F pasta
Add parmesan +$2

*Add a garden side salad + $5

11:30am – 3pm

Lush Lotus Salad 19
Greens tossed with housemade dressing, coleslaw, cherry tomatoes, house made sauerkraut & pickled vegetables, chickpea & quinoa mix, sweet potato, & toasted tamari seeds
Add feta + $4

Gado Gado 24
(gf/df/v opt.)
A mixture of cooked & fresh vegetables tossed in an asian dressing. Topped with pan fried tofu, roast potatoes, a warm satay dressing & a soft boiled egg

Indian Plate 24
(gf opt./df opt./v opt.)
Traditional red lentil dhal & rice with a fresh asian style salad, pappadams & a locally made samosa, or a gf pakora
For a sharing option add an extra samosa + 4.5 or gf pakora + $5

Choose an add on
Samosa + $4.5 GF
Pakora + $5
Avocado + $4
Vegan Aioli / Raita / Tomato Relish +$1


Have a look in our display cabinet for a wide range of housemade sweet delights. All refined cane sugar free. We have many vegan, gluten free, dairy free and raw options. Can be served with complimentary whipped cream.

*check out our daily specials board for more*


Fresh Juice

Small $9.0 Large $11.0

Fruit Orange, pineapple, watermelon & garden mint

Veggie Apple, carrot, celery & ginger

Classic Smoothies

Small $10.0 Large $12.0

Banana Local honey, a dash of cinnamon, ice cream & local organic banana blended with milk

Strawberry Local honey, ice cream & frozen strawberries, blended with milk

Superfood Smoothies

Small $13.0 Large $15.0

Emerald Green Lemon, ginger, shambala garden greens, green superfood powder & organic banana blended with coconut water & fresh apple juice

Quartz Coffee Dream Dates, cardamon, coffee shot & organic banana, blended with almond milk, topped with roasted macadamias, cinnamon & coffee beans

Rockaliscious Choc Peanut. Raw cacao, house made peanut butter & organic banana, blended with soy milk, topped with crunchy cacao nibs

Amethyst Acai Amazonian pure acai berry & organic banana, blended with fresh apple juice, topped with chia seeds

Iced Drinks & Shakes

Iced Latte
2 shots of organic coffee served over milk & ice
Small $7.0 Large $9.0

Iced Long Black
2 shots of organic coffee served over water & ice
Small $6.0

Iced Chai Latte
Organic Chai Elixir served over milk & ice
Small $7.0 Large $9.0

Deluxe Iced Coffee
2 shots of organic coffee served over ice cream, milk & topped with whipped cream & coffee beans
Small $9.0 Large $11.0

Deluxe Iced Chocolate
Chocolate sauce served with ice cream, milk & topped with whipped cream & a chocolate shake
Small $9.0 Large $11.0

Coffee / Chocolate / Vanilla (All house Made, Including ice cream)
Small $9.0 Large $11.0

Drink Extras

Decaf + 50c
Extra shot coffee + 50c
Maple Syrup + 50c
House made vanilla + $1
Bonsoy, almond milk + 50c
Macadamia, coconut milk + $1
Housemade ice cream + $2

*check out our specials board & drinks fridge for more*



Organic Locally Roasted Coffee

We choose to support a small team of passionate coffee roasters, whose continued focus is based on coffee appreciation, education and awareness which means each origin is sourced sustainably.

Flat white 
Long Black 


Small (1 shot)
Medium (2 shots) + $1
Large (3 shots) + $2
Housemade Vanilla + $1
Decaf + 50c
Extra shot + 50c

Specialty Hot Drinks

Hot Chocolate

Chai Latte
A locally made, ayurvedic chai elixir creamier & sweeter than masala chai tea

Dandelion Latte 
A great caffeine-free coffee alternative with an earthy flavour, brewed & made with your choice of milk into a creamy latte style beverage.

Baby Chino 
















Medium + $1
Large + $2

Organic Local Tea

Pot for 1 $5.0
Pot for 2 $9.0

English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Green Tea & Jasmine
Ginger-zing with Lemongrass, Echinacea & White Tea
Liquorice Blend

Mystic Monk Chai Tea

A specialty, locally created (in Uki), masala chai tea blend, with a carefully selected unique blend of spices, brewed with your choice of milk.

Alternative Milk

Bonsoy / Almond + .50c
Coconut / Macadamia + $1

Our Health Focused Cafe

Refined Sugar

We proudly do not used refined cane sugar at the Lotus Cafe. Commonly called table sugar, it contains little vitamins or minerals, and is found hidden in many processed foods. We have replaced these with our own, delicious house made alternatives.

We make our own savoury sauces and condiments including aioli, tomato relish, bbq sauce and all of our dressings. We also make our own sweet syrups which are used in our cold beverages, including strawberry, chocolate and vanilla for milkshakes, all without refined cane sugar, but still deliciously sweet.

All our homemade cakes, slices and cookies are also free from refined cane sugar. We have classic options including cheesecake, orange almond and banana cake, each using a different natural sweetener which suits best.

We also have perfected our own recipe for ice-cream, which we use in our cold beverages and as an optional extra on our delicious desserts and drinks.

We use naturally occurring sugars (fruit and juice) as well as these less processed, more natural sugar alternatives to enhance the nutritional profile of all our food.

  • Dates- rich in antioxidants, fibre, minerals and vitamins
  • Coconut sugar– low gi sap from flower buds of the coconut palm
  • Xylitol– low calorie, antimicrobial made from the bark of birch trees
  • Maple syrup– low gi sap from the maple tree
  • Rice malt syrup– brown rice flour cooked down into simple sugars

We still use Callebaut 70% Dark Chocolate in our chocolate treats, which contains a small amount of  sugar.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is at the forefront of the Lotus Cafe. We strive to serve you delicious food that your body will thank you for! We use healthy alternatives and organics where possible. Many ingredients come fresh each morning straight from our organic veggie garden, including fruits, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. You can find these ingredients all through our seasonal menu, and in our chef’s specials.

Bon Appetit!