Interview with a Buddha|Crystal Castle

Where do you come from?

I was once part of a spectacular active volcano, the Mountain of Fire, in Borobodur, Java. Delicately carved from cooled lava by a master carver I was chosen to sit in the largest temple nearby.

How did you get here?

The head priest deemed the marks on my left cheek, to be inauspicious, but really, the gift of imperfection is the reminder we are all blemished yet still divine. In a remarkable twist of fate I found all 13 tonnes of me lying in a dark container tossing on the ocean. I then journeyed on an open truck, watching this strange land pass me by, finally arriving at my new temple.

What is your purpose?

I bring peace to the hearts of the broken, restoring hope and love. I’ve silently blessed nearly 744 thousand people who’ve stood before me. I hear the secret whispers of their hearts, their prayers and wishes, and bless it all.

How do you experience living at the Crystal Castle?

Each day I feel the gentle breeze that rustles through the bamboo, brush my face. On summer days I can catch the fragrance of the lotus flowers in full bloom as I gaze into the ancient forests. I love meeting people from all over the world and making sure they leave here with their hearts a little lighter.

Do you have a message for the world?

Follow the path of your heart with great courage and compassion. More than ever right now it is important to be kind, and loving, to both yourself and others. To be an instrument for peace in every situation, is how you will most impact the world.


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