Daily Statue Puja Ritual|Crystal Castle

As you wander the enchanting Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens you will notice an abundance of statues, or Deities that originate from various Eastern Traditions. These Deities are not seen as external Gods or Godesses, but reflect qualities in us that are constantly accessible. Each Deity represents a different quality, so in order to keep the energy that it represents alive within us, we embrace a ceremony otherwise known as a Puja.

A Puja, is essentially a ritual of symbolic offerings of our thoughts, our desires, and our actions. You will be guided on a journey through short meditations and mantras to attune to the energies that embody the qualities of the specific deity.

We honour a different Deity each morning, a ritual that encourages connection to the light within yourself that you may shine upon the rest of the world.

Daily from 11.45am until 12.00pm

Monday – Lakshmi (Prosperity and Fertility)

Tuesday – Shiva Lingam (Masculinity)

Wednesday – The Guardians (Protection & Balance)

Thursday – Vishnu (Balance)

Friday – Buddha (Peace and Freedom)

Saturday – Ganesh (Success and Removing Obstacles & Evil)

Sunday – Avalokiteshvara (Compassion)


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