7 days of Smudging|Crystal Castle

An Introduction to the Traditional Art of Clearing Space with Smoke.


Day 1 of 7: What is Smudging?
The traditional practice of purifying a room or space with the smoke of sacred herbs to release negative energy. It can be used heal, purify, protect, honour or invoke particular energy.


Day 2 of 7: Before you start
It is important to acknowledge that smoke ceremonies have been conducted throughout history by many indigenous cultures from Australian Aboriginals to Native Americans to Celtics and many more.
Be sure to treat the process with reverence and seek information on the culture that resonates with you.


Day 3 of 7: Which herb should I use?
White Sage – is great for removing negative energy as it has highly cleansing, purifying and protecting properties.
Eucalyptus – can be used in the same way as sage, it is a sacred native of Australia.
Rosemary – used in traditional European ceremonies, it assists in bringing clarity.
Palo Santo – is a sacred wood used by Incan / Andean medicine people for purification, healing, and protection.
Mugwort – supports psychic work and can be used to induce dreams and assist dream work.
Sweetgrass – attracts good spirits and is only to be burned after you have burned something like eucalyptus or sage.
Cedar – to be used in conjunction with sage is very powerful in releasing trauma and darkness.
Lemongrass – is perfect for uplifting energy
Lavender – supports love and positive relations and creates a peaceful atmosphere.


Day 4 of 7: Getting Started
Gather a heat proof vessel (A terracotta dish or an abalone shell), the herb(s) of your choice, a feather and some wooden matches.
It is important to keep your smudging kit sacred and stow it on a shelf above waist height.


Day 5 of 7: The Sacred Practice
There are many different traditional ways to smudge a space depending on the tradition that resonates with you.
Here are some important universal things to do:
– Clear your space of mess and clutter
– Place the herb inside the vessel and light it with your matches, carefully blowing out the flame so that you have only smoke
– Carefully move about the room sending out the smoke to clear any negativity and set your intention of what you would like to invite into the room
– The feather can be used as an air element and to aid in directing the smoke to wherever you would like


Day 6 of 7: Where else can I smudge?
Smudging is not exclusive to spaces, you can use it on objects like crystals or jewellery and to cleanse your body, mind and soul also. It aids in releasing negativity, stagnation and energetic disturbances that you hold.
Rule of thumb: invite the smoke into your body or object from head to toe and front to back.


Day 7 of 7: Final smudging tips:
– Hold sacredness and respect while smudging
– Research a traditional smudging method that resonates with you and you ancestral bloodlines
– Remember that the smoke is a manifestation of your intentions

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