Green Tara String Mandala of Compassion

And the Kalachakra World Peace Stupa Birthday Celebrations

Monday October 7th through to Sunday October 13th

With the Gyuto Monks of Tibet

The Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens is honoured to welcome back our beloved friends of the Byron Shire the Gyuto Monks of Tibet after their whirlwind tour; including Glastonbury Festival in the UK and the release of their latest CD ‘Chants of Tibet’.

The Gyuto Monks will be joining us with another enriching daily program from Monday October 7th to Sunday 13th. Leading the group is 76 year old Gen Lama Thupten Phuntsok, much loved elder of Gyuto Monastery who's teachings and tantric ceremonies have impacted so many Australians in recent years. We thought we'd never see him back here but he has agreed to return yet again to delight us with his humour, his wisdom and his affection.

Saturday October 12th – First Birthday Celebration of the World Peace Stupa

Join the Gyuto Monks and us for this very special day. As we celebrate together the first birthday of the Kalachakra World Peace Stupa.

Free entry for all visitors Saturday 12th October

The daily program will begin at 10.30 am and at 4pm, a very special ceremony will begin as we take a sacred walk to the World Peace Stupa for the Dissolution ceremony of the Green Tara String Mandala of Compassion.

Click here for the Daily Program - Monday 7th to Sunday 13th

Green Tara String Mandala of Compassion

Throughout the week, everyone is invited to join the monks in the creation of this rare mandala. Come along and bring (if possible) your own balls of wool, wooden skewers, clean cardboard boxes, paint in the five primary colours (red, blue, green, yellow and white) rolls of gold and red foil paper, A4 paper, glue sticks, and scissors. It takes a community to build this mandala!

Click for more about the Green Tara String Mandala of Compassion.