Monday 11th to Sunday 17th February

With the Tibetan Buddhist monks from Sera Mey Monastery in South India

Join us at the Crystal Castle as we welcome the monks from Sera Mey Monastery for the creation of the Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala.

“The Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of healing. He heals not only physical sickness but also mental sickness like anger, pride and jealousy. The mandala is an ancient art form of Tibetan Buddhism and is a sacred form of art used by Tibetan monks & artists, & is translated as ‘circle of harmony. It is a palace, and all of the patterns in the mandala have symbolism and meaning.” Geshe Ngawang Gedun, Sera Mey Monastery in southern India.

Join the monks each day at 10.30am for chanting and meditation to invoke the divine energy of the Medicine Buddha, who resides within the mandala itself. The mandala is, as such, a divine palace of residence.
The monks request the Medicine Buddha's blessings for healing for all beings; for the people who come to see it; for the local community and for the region; for our country and for the world.

Daily Program Monday 11th to Saturday 16th

10.30 - 11am ~ Meditation and chanting
11am – 3.30pm ~ Medicine Buddha sand mandala creation
3.30pm to 4.30pm ~ Dedication prayers

Sunday 17th February

10.30 - 11am ~ Meditation and chanting
11am – 3.30pm ~ Medicine Buddha sand mandala creation
3.30pm ~ Dissolution ceremony of the sand mandala

After the sand mandala is finished you are invited to join the monks and collectively pray for peace and harmony in the world.

To remind us that life is an ever-changing cycle the millions of grains of colourful sand are dismantled to demonstrate the truth of impermanence in this world. The sand mandala grains will then be dispersed into the waters of the Buddha pond, which will then fill the waterways, the oceans & thus spread around the planet.

Creating sand mandalas
The monks make the sand mandalas with chakpurs, long metal instruments that look like funnels. The coloured sand is released from the chakpur by rubbing two chakpurs together. This vibration causes the granules to fall down through the funnel to create the patterns.
Though mandalas take about five to seven days to create, it takes the monks over a year to learn and memorize their patterns. They learn the mandalas from Buddhist texts, such as tantric texts and scriptures.

The Crystal Castle is delighted to have the monks here in order to support the Sera Mey Monastery and to help preserve Tibetan culture. This event will raise funds for the new Yerpa temple at Sera Mey Monastery.

Sera Mey Monastery
Sera Mey Monastery is a large, Tibetan monastic university situated near Mysore in South India. The university is made up of individual houses, or Khangtsen, one of which is Yerpa; and they must support their own monastic students by attracting donations from outside. There will be a Tibetan market stall held each day during the monks visit, all proceeds will go directly to their cause.