Daily Program

 All experiences are free once inside the Castle grounds.



7 minute World Peace audio meditation: The Great Bell Chant


 11.30am - 12.15 pm

  Shambhala Gardens Tour

The Shambhala Gardens Tour will lead you on a fascinating journey through the gardens, opening a mystical door into legend, history and spirit. Your guide will share detailed information about each of our sacred statues and enormous crystals dotted throughout the gardens. You will experience a guided meditation at the Blessing Buddha, and learn about the bamboo walk, the beautiful koi pond and the Peace Fountain.

 12.30 – 1.15 pm
 Crystal Experience

Since ancient times crystals have been used in many traditions and cultures not only as beautiful adornments, but also as charms and talismans, in healing, ceremony and divination. The Crystal Experience will give you a brief history of the Crystal Castle, as well as an introduction to how crystals form and how and why they work. You will learn how to tune into and choose crystals for yourself and others, how to work consciously with them and set powerful intentions, and how to cleanse them. The Crystal Experience will empower you to start your own journey of exploration into crystals and their many amazing properties.

2.15 - 2.45 pm
 Music of the Plants

The Music of the Plants from Damanhur is a profoundly moving and memorable experience, an expression of the innate intelligence of the plant kingdom. You will receive a fascinating introduction to the history and research involved and have an opportunity to sit in relaxation and listen to the plants play their music. You will never forget the first moment you hear a plant express its unique vibration through music and connect to the deep beauty of nature in a completely unimagined and often life-changing way.

3.10 – 4.00 pm
  The Crystal Castle Peace Experience

Be immersed in an enriching sound healing bath, a visualisation meditation and sacred ‘Kora Walk’ around The World Peace Stupa. This is a unique Crystal Castle offering that deepens your inner and outer sense of peace. Be brought to a place that invokes your compassionate loving self.

 Daily Film Program in the Peace Room

10.30 am: World Peace Stupa opening day - dvd
11.00 am: Real Yoga for Real People - dvd
1.15 pm: Naica Secrets of the Crystal Cave - dvd 

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Free facepainting in the kid's playground for the children

every weekend and school holidays.