Aura Photos and Readings

On offer at the Crystal Castle is the chance to see your colours and explore your aura. Our experienced and reputable staff can perform readings and aura photography during your visit.

Be amazed at the colours of your energy field from the aura photography. Our trained team will give you a mini reading of the glorious picture of you. The readings provide insight and guidance into your particular situation in life. The Aura Photo package includes your photo, a printout and a tumble stone.

For more information about Aura Photos please see our FAQ section

The experienced Crystal Castle Readers all offer tarot readings that are often supported with other modalities that include Astrology, Psychic and Palm Readings.

They can offer a visual door into your personal world, highlighting your true potential. Any life issue or question can be illuminated when posed clearly and sincerely as the cards reveal the hidden knowledge of your unconscious mind to the intuition of the reader. The Tarots basic values are integrity, impartiality and respect. The practitioner's role is to facilitate the client's journey in ways which respect the client's values, personal resources, and capacity for self-determination.

Please note that readings are only available to adults of 18 years of age or older.

Take an enlightening journey as the cards tell your story through colour, signs and symbols.

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Cost of Aura photos:

Aura photos are $45 each or two for $79.

Cost of Readings:

1/2 hour reading - $70

1 hour reading - $100

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