Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens offers an enchanting experiences removed from the everyday. Wander through the lush gardens among giant crystals and mystical statues; walk the ancient labyrinth, enter another dimension in the Damanhur Spiral, and surround yourself with tranquil rainforest.

Marvel at the exquisite jewellery, tap into immense knowledge and wisdom through our extensive range of fascinating books, and take home gifts to be treasured for a lifetime. Behold the amazing crystals from all corners of the globe, each unique piece a beautiful treasure to enhance your surrounds and bring healing energy to you and your home.

Discover a deeper spiritual connection through aura photos and readings that can provide insights about your personality and life path.

Indulge in delicious, fresh meals from produce grown in our own gardens and local coffee as you relax, breathing in the hinterland views surrounding our Lotus cafe. In our magical playground, children of all ages will escape to a wondrous place of mystery and imagination surrounded by beautiful gardens and Fireheart the Dragon.

See our Daily Program for more information about our tours and experiences including:

From above the Labyrinth
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