Sacred Sound Journey Workshop

Monday 13 August 2012

Sacred Sound Journey Workshop with Lyz Cooper (UK)

Sound has been used for healing and meditation for thousands of years. In this experiential workshop we will explore how sound can be such an effective tool for deep inner healing and raising consciousness.

Throughout the day we will experience sound baths using crystal bowls, voice and Himalayan bowls. The aim of these sessions is to enable you to discover more about yourself as the sound facilitates a dialogue with the different levels of your being. Identify and help release energy imbalances that may have held you back for lifetimes and come away with many different techniques you can use to explore your inner and outer universe.

No experience is necessary. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners to advanced sound practitioners.

When: Saturday 25th August
Time: 10.30am - 4.30pm
Price: $149 - Includes lunch, coffee or tea and entry.
Spaces are limited, and bookings essential

Book before the 17th August and receive a $25 voucher to spend on crystals at the Crystal Castle.

Lyz Cooper was the first person in the UK to offer professional training courses in sound therapy. The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) was formed in 2000 following many years of research and development. Lyz is a published author and specialises in bringing together ancient knowledge and teachings with cutting edge science such as quantum physics, psychoimmunology and neurology to help explain why sound is such an effective transformative tool.

Lyz travels all over the world presenting her work and is delighted to be bringing the BAST methodology to Australia.


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Don’t miss out on the...

Long Life “Tsewang” Ceremony

at the Crystal Castle for the sponsors of the Kalachakra World Peace Stupa and the whole community!

This Sunday, 12th August

FREE ENTRY up till 11:30am for all!

There is also a unique opportunity for your own Buddha statues and altar at home to become connected and a part of the large altar of peace being created for Byron and the region. By calling in all the Buddhas to a state of ‘Auspicious Co-incidence’ the aim will be to create a “Buddhaverse”; a universe of Buddhas through the blessing of 1000 Buddhas known as ‘Sangye Tong Ku’.

First, the statues need to be cleansed; then the monks will perform all the traditional rites associated with filling, sealing and consecrating the Buddha statues. After the cleansing this week, take them home again for the 6 week drying period, then bring them back during the October monks program for them to be filled with rolled mantras (prayers) and sealed; thereby consecrating your statues which will then sit in your home or on your altar to become part of the great peace altar of the Byron region.

We invite you to bring your personal Buddha statues with you this Sunday (or prior if you can’t make it) to begin the process. You’re welcome to bring any type of Buddha, however it does need to be hollow for the traditional rites of mantra filling to be completed. If you don’t have one, or you would like a traditional style Tibetan Buddha (traditionally Tibetan Buddhas have a pure gold face), we have some stunning statues available for purchase in our Gallery.


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At the end of March the stupa was filled with all the precious items and sealed. At that point, the monks had completed the sculpting on the top half of the stupa. They are returning to the Crystal Castle on Friday 3rd August to do their program, while continuing the sculpting and painting of the bottom half of the stupa.


The Gyuto Monks Of Tibet Return To Crystal Castle

Towards Completion Of The Kalachakra World Peace Stupa

'Penultimate Stage'

Friday 3rd August – Sunday 12th August -  Pure Peace – Acceptance Of Difference

CONSECRATION CEREMONIES: Over 10 days, the monks will institute the necessary steps to help the Stupa last for 1000 years bringing peace to the Byron Shire. It will be a time for the final sculpting to be completed on the Stupa itself followed by the painting in rich blue and gold.

It is a time of preparation, of readying the environment for the Stupa and for the community to come together in a pure sense, empty of all animosity dedicating the whole area as a suitable area in which to house the stupa.

The monks will conduct the requisite preparations by cutting and rolling Mantras, washing and scenting statues, cutting and grinding juniper, crushing incense and gathering ingredients such as herbs, spices, gold, silver and precious metals.

Some will be sculpting on the stupa while others will be working with the community in the Discovery Room preparing the necessary ceremonial materials for encasement in statues as a prelude to the major blessing consecration of the stupa and community’s Buddha statues in October.

During the preparations the monks will conduct a daily program of:

Friday 3rd - Sunday 12th
10.30 - 11.00 Morning Meditation
11.00 - 12.00 Culture for Kids
12.00 - 1.00 Meditation Series ‘Finding Pure Peace’
By request Personal Pujas may be arranged throughout the days.

Friday 3rd – Monday 6th Special events with Gen Lama Thupten Phuntsok  

2.00 - 3.00 Public Talk Series ‘ Acceptance Of Difference
Friday 3rd - Identity ‘ I am Unique’
Saturday 4th - Generational Resistance
Sunday 5th - Embracing Connectivity
Monday 6th - Same Same but Different

Sunday 5th 3.15 – 4.15 Jab Khru Ceremony
A powerful ceremony for effecting change in one’s life. By appt. & offering.

Sunday August 12th

Free Entry for all up to 11.30am

Long Life Ceremony “Tsewang” 11.30am - 2pm

A Long Life offering ceremony ‘Tsewang’ for sponsors of the Kalachakra Stupa and the whole community will be held, with everyone attending traditionally invited to dress in their finest clothes as per Tibetan tradition.


The Final Stage

Consecration Ceremonies For Completion Of The Stupa

Thursday October 18th –Sunday 28th

The culmination of two years of physical and spiritual effort and many years of hopes and dreams, the Kalachakra World Peace Stupa will finally be completed in a huge Blessing Ceremony. As usual there will be much to do to prepare for this momentous occasion and the monks will be in residence for 10 days preparing and putting the finishing touches to their great work.

October is a time to fill and consecrate the statues destined for the benefactors of the Prayer Wheels to be placed around the Stupa. The monks will perform all the traditional rites associated with filling, sealing and consecrating the Buddha statues.

It is also a process of honouring the concept of community and inviting their participation and involvement. Calling in all the Buddhas to a state of ‘Auspicious Co-incidence’, the aim will be to create a Buddhaverse, a universe of Buddhas through the blessing of 1000 Buddhas know as ‘Sangye Tong Ku’.

Thursday October 25 - Consecration Ceremony The community are invited to bring their statues to be blessed, either physically or metaphorically in this special consecration ceremony.

Stay tuned for more details !

Saturday October 27 All of Byron and surrounding areas will be dedicated as a Buddhafield as the monks, in yellow hats circumambulating the stupa conduct the ultimate dedication of this great monument to World Peace on Saturday October 27.

Learn more about the World Peace Stupa

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The Crystal Castle Experience

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Available now at the Crystal Castle and our Online shop only $9

The Crystal Castle Experience attracts Free Shipping to anywhere in the world.

Buy for yourself, or send as a gift to a friend anywhere in the world !

After 7 years of dreaming, remembering, sifting, and creating by Crystal Castle owners Sono and Naren King, Castle staff, and many friends, we proudly present….

“The Crystal Castle Experience” – A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated Guide to the Crystal Castle.
Printed on high quality paper, the Crystal Castle Experience features 120 A4 size pages of gorgeous photos and in-depth information about all aspects of the Crystal Castle - it’s amazing crystals, awe-inspiring statues, magical Shambhala Gardens, fascinating history, the Gyuto Monks and the World Peace Stupa, the diversity of wildlife, the café, and the wonderful staff who bring all of these wonders to life.

With much gratitude to Northern Rivers Tourism and Destination NSW, who have helped sponsor this publication, in appreciation of the Crystal Castle's contribution to alternative, meaningful, creative tourism in NSW.

The main intention of this guide is to deepen and enrich the experience of all of our visitors and it is a must to take home as the ultimate memory of your visit to the Crystal Castle, or an inspiration to visit us if you haven't yet been here.

'My desire in creating this guide is to offer you something to deepen your experience here at the Crystal Castle. I have attempted to answer the multitude of questions that our visitors frequently ask. As you will see, we have endeavoured to represent many paths, hopefully all leading towards bringing peace and harmony into our lives. We have a wonderful canvas to play with - the magic of nature, the joys of spiritual art and the wisdom of alternative paths of consciousness. We are not affiliated with any religion but we honour, respect and feel all around us, grace, beauty and the presence of something greater. I hope you enjoy reading this guide to the Crystal Castle. It has been a dream for many years to create it for you.'
Sono King CCE

Click here to buy online, only $ 9 including shipping to anywhere in the world…


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Labyrinth Renewed

Tuesday 26 June 2012

We are happy to announce the Labyrinth has had a total renewal, due to the beautiful work of Mick, John and Warwick of the Crystal Castle team, and Patrick from Interactive Landscapes. It is looking absolutely fantastic, and feels better than ever.
Referred to as A Walk of Spiritual Reflection, the labyrinth can be used simply as a peaceful walk or as an opportunity to quietly reflect and allow the space for an answer to arise. A suggestion is for the walker to hold a question in their mind whilst allowing themselves to be receptive or 'invite in' guidance.

In the Middle Ages an eleven-circuit labyrinth design divided into four quadrants became popular. It was often found in Gothic Cathedrals but over time many of these eleven-circuit designs were destroyed or intentionally removed. The most famous labyrinth still in existence today is at Chartres Cathedral near Paris. Its labyrinth was built around 1200 AD.

Created in 2000, the Crystal Castle’s labyrinth is based on this same design. The walker meanders through each of the four quadrants several times before reaching the goal. An expectancy is created as to when the centre will be reached. At the centre is a rosette design which has a rich symbolic value including that of enlightenment.

This amazing place has been the site for wedding ceremonies and solstice rituals with its mystical setting and rose quartz flower of life at the centre.

Our Crystal Castle team at work



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Raising Men

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Raising Men - Pathways to Manhood

This is not a Crystal Castle event, but we just have to share it as it's such a profound offering from our friends at Raising Men.

Raising Men is a 6 Day bush camp for boys aged 12 - 15 and their fathers or a male mentor, and Crystal Castle owner Naren and his son Toby will be attending this December (there's also a camp in September). Developer and Facilitator Dr Arne Rubinstein is an expert on adolescent development.

Pathways to manhood programs have been running since 1994 and thousands of families have been touched by this life changing event. We are proud to share about the next generation of camps, Raising Men, which will also include a structured follow up to provide ongoing support and opportunities for the young men.

All the facilitators are pathways trained and we hope that like so many others you will experience this life changing event.

Says Naren "I have known Arne and several of the facilitators for many years, they are extraordinary individuals doing great work. I have seen a lot of young men emerge tall and strong from this week in the bush, after an extraordinary life-changing journey. I believe initiation of our young men is sadly lacking in our present culture, and this fills that gap."

Please share & invite other interested people to this event.

For more info go to or on facebook

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NBN news visit Crystal Castle

Saturday 31 March 2012

NBN news came along for the Stupa construction day on the 29th March.

Here is an extract from the full story aired that evening.

A sacred Buddhist monument designed to last 1000 years is taking shape at the Crystal Castle.

The Kalachakra Stupa, is the first of it’s kind in the Southern Hemisphere and is meant to be a good omen in times of war, conflict and natural disasters.

Today monks placed sacred scrolls and objects inside the monument, before it was sealed shut.

“The Tibeten buddhist believe just seeing a stupa, being involved with it or just touching it or being around it in any form is good for Karma and spiritual development”

The monument should be finished before the end of the year.

Story: Anna Rosendahl

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Gyuto Monks Of Tibet

‘Standing For Peace’ The next stage of the World Peace Stupa

Thursday March 29 To Sunday April 1

Come and be part of history, helping to bring peace to our world.

Gates open 8.45 am this Thursday 29th & Friday 30th March

Free Entry both days until 10 am!

Join the monks in a historic event !

An extraordinary milestone in the completion of the World Peace Stupa will take place this week.
Thursday will see most of the body of the monument erected in one amazing day.

On Friday work continues and on Saturday at 6pm, join the monks in a remarkable Harmonic Chanting Performance, an evening fundraiser for the stupa. Pre-book your evening ticket here

The monks will continue their wonderful program right through Sunday April 1st

Click here for the full program.

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