Heart Of Yoga With Mark Whitwell

Monday 18 February 2013

 Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th March

After headlining Byron Spirit Festival, Mark Whitwell returns to the Crystal Castle for a two day workshop 'Developing a personal practice'
This workshop is a unique opportunity to work with one of the most experienced yoga teachers in the world.
No matter what style of yoga you are currently practicing, you will be able to incorporate the insights gleaned from this personal practice development to make your yoga more efficient, powerful, and safe.

You'll also learn to integrate breath, asana, and bandha as a seamless process and as you deepen into this understanding, personalised for you, you discover more completely that yoga is your direct connection with reality - an entirely abundant, regenerating, and nurturing power.

Everyone is invited to attend, from beginners to experienced practitioners .

This intimate workshop has a maximum of 25 places available.

We expect it to fill quickly so please book now to secure your place.

When: Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th March
Where: The Discovery Room / Crystal Castle
Time: 10.30am to 4pm
Cost: $295.00 for the two day workshop

According to the great “teacher of our teachers” T. Krishnamacharya, yoga must be adapted to the individual, not the individual adapted to the style of yoga. For your yoga practice to be most fruitful, it must be in harmony with your body type, age, health, and even cultural background.

“I tried many different yoga traditions over many years but could never keep up a regular practice. When I met Mark and studied under him, yoga became a joy and a pleasure. After a few months of a simple daily practice, my life felt different in many ways. With Mark’s approach, there is nowhere to go, no higher place to reach, no need to stretch the body beyond where it is comfortable, there’s just a flow and a connection with nurturing source. He teaches from a place of ancient pure wisdom, and is a total joy to be with”.
Naren King
Managing Dreamer, and Crystal Castle owner.

Click here for more information about Mark Whitwell.

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Monday 11th to Sunday 17th February

With the Tibetan Buddhist monks from Sera Mey Monastery in South India

Join us at the Crystal Castle as we welcome the monks from Sera Mey Monastery for the creation of the Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala.

“The Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of healing. He heals not only physical sickness but also mental sickness like anger, pride and jealousy. The mandala is an ancient art form of Tibetan Buddhism and is a sacred form of art used by Tibetan monks & artists, & is translated as ‘circle of harmony. It is a palace, and all of the patterns in the mandala have symbolism and meaning.” Geshe Ngawang Gedun, Sera Mey Monastery in southern India.

Join the monks each day at 10.30am for chanting and meditation to invoke the divine energy of the Medicine Buddha, who resides within the mandala itself. The mandala is, as such, a divine palace of residence.

The monks request the Medicine Buddha's blessings for healing for all beings; for the people who come to see it; for the local community and for the region; for our country and for the world.

Daily Program Monday 11th to Saturday 16th
10.30 - 11am ~ Meditation and chanting
11am – 3.30pm ~ Medicine Buddha sand mandala creation
3.30pm to 4.30pm ~ Dedication prayers

Sunday 17th February
10.30 - 11am ~ Meditation and chanting
11am – 3.30pm ~ Medicine Buddha sand mandala creation
3.30pm ~ Dissolution ceremony of the sand mandala

After the sand mandala is finished you are invited to join the monks and collectively pray for peace and harmony in the world.

Click here for more information.

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Free Entry for all until midday!


The Crystal Castle is proud to be a part of the UPLIFT 2012 Festival, in Byron Bay. Coinciding with the final days of the 5,125-year cycle of the Mayan calendar (December solstice 2012), UPLIFT 2012 focuses on the opportunity for sustained positive change.

The festival will be broadcast to an international audience via live streaming and will also serve as one of the anchor hubs for the global event Birth2012, founded by leading evolutionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, and will unite a massive global audience on December 22nd. www.birth2012.com

Given that Byron Bay, Australia is one of the most eastern points in Western civilization, it will be the first continent to welcome the light of this new chapter of global cooperation and co-creativity.

The Crystal Castle Connection

We will be synchronizing with the festival on Saturday December 22nd with the 'Crystal Castle UPLIFT DAY' to be held here in the grounds of the Crystal Castle.


Saturday December 22nd - Gates open at 9am (NSW time)

Morning Meditation With The Gyuto Monks

9.15am – 9.45 The Discovery Room


Jonathan Goldman - The Science Of Sound Healing

10am -11.30 Live streaming from the Uplift festival

Sound healing expert Jonathan Goldman will launch his 24 hour 'Chant for Mother Earth' live from Byron Bay on Friday 21 December. This global chant will be initiated at the exact time of the summer solstice (10.11pm) and will resonate across the world for 24 hours so people everywhere can join in this sonic wave of unity and healing.


‘Refresh the Spirit' Ritual By The Gyuto Monks12pm – 12.45 The World Peace Stupa

Gyuto Monks- Jab Khru Ceremony1pm – 2pm The Discovery Room

Whether taken as a healing, a cleansing, a blessing or simply a meditation, this powerful tantric ritual can really shift or move things right along in your life. Gen Lama Thupten Phuntsok, one of the original pre 1959 Tibetan elders from Gyuto Tantric Monastery offers this final opportunity before returning to India. Open to all adults.


Singing In The Divine with Leandra

2.30 pm -3.30 Begins At The Discovery Room

Sound alchemist Leandra will guide you on a journey of sacred sound in the beautiful gardens of the Crystal Castle. You need no experience, please join us in the power of sound.


Chicchan - Crystal Singing Bowls

4 pm – 5 pm The Discovery Room

Be part of a Sacred Sound Meditation with Chicchan and her crystal singing bowls. 'We are Divine Beings of Light and Love; spirals of Light and Sound, radiating vibrant colours and harmonious vibrations. Let us come together with our intentions to become One Heart and One Consciousness in this, Humanity's evolutionary quantum leap in Time and Space'. Chicchan

Crystal Castle Open For You Until 6.30 pm !

The Crystal Castle will remain open until 6.30pm for your enjoyment and extended shopping hours. The Lotus Café will be open until 5.30pm.

Join us here at the Crystal Castle on this auspicious day of inspiration, celebration and positive action for change.

This is a free Crystal Castle event, with Free Entry until midday.
After midday, normal admission applies, but once inside, everything offered is Free ! (Jab Khru by donation)

Uplift 2012 - Thursday 20 to Sunday 23
December 2012 - Byron Bay

UPLIFT 2012 is a festival presenting conscious leaders from all walks of life - science, economics, hip hop music, medicine and more - who come together to unite, enquire and discover a new paradigm where the collective wisdom and consciousness of us all can shine freely and reveal a whole new way of living together.

Click here for more information about the UPLIFT 2012 festival

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World Peace Stupa Opening

Tuesday 27 November 2012


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Kalachakra World Peace Stupa Opens

Tuesday 6 November 2012

"Build it and they will come"

And come they did as almost 1,500 people filled the Crystal Castle’s amphitheatre for the grand opening of our extraordinary Kalachakra World Peace Stupa. The date was October 27th 2012, determined auspicious by our spiritual guide for the project, Gen Lama of the Gyuto monks of Tibet, and amazingly, exactly 365 days from the day that construction started.

'The sight of so many people filling, for the first time ever, the amphitheatre that we built 8 years ago, was truly amazing.” said Naren. “It seemed as if it had been waiting for this event. It was such a joy to see everyone placing their hands on mother earth as the Arakwals welcomed us all to country.”

It was a rich event, a colourful and peaceful day of ceremony, song and Tibetan butter tea, always overseen by the impressive blue and gold structure of the Stupa itself. Elyjah McCleod was our fabulous MC and there was honouring of the amazing input from so many different people, including hundreds within the local community, who have supported and co-created this wonderful project. The Gyuto Monks, as always, brought their joyful peace and depth of spirit, not to mention their amazing harmonic chanting, and the Kings’ daughter, Ayla, moved many to tears with her beautiful acapella rendition of John Lennon's Imagine.

‘The Kalachakra Stupa is very significant - wherever we build or construct them, these Stupas will bring peace, help in avoiding natural disasters and bring harmony and peace among the people” said Mr Sonam Dagpo, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama's representative in Australia as he officially opened the monument. “For Buddhist believers this is a place of pilgrimage, but for the non-believers this is piece of Buddhist architecture to look around and a very good place to have inspiration, peace, and happiness.”

Once the ceremonies were complete people waited in lines to take their turn to walk around the Stupa and spin the beautiful brass prayer wheels, each containing thousands of handwritten prayers to add wings to their peaceful intent.

Sono read out the dedication plaque : “This Stupa is dedicated to love and peace for all beings, to freedom for the Tibetan people and to their sacrifice in the name of peace. The hopes, dreams and commitment of the community have motivated and nurtured the creation of this sacred structure, designed to last for over 1,000 years. May Peace Prevail”.

On Sunday night over 200 people returned for the Full Moon Fire Puja, and the stupa was lit up for the first time, under the full moon, with the yak butter stupa sculpture dissolving in flames over several hours. It was a truly magical night of completion.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and shared your love and goodwill, and if you weren’t able to be there in person, you can get a taste of the magic in this great video created by Sharon Shostak from our local paper the Echo –

Kalachakra World Peace Stupa Opens

There are also lots of photos on facebook now – come and “like” the Crystal Castle and see this colourful, historic day.


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Colour is a universal, cross-cultural language that holds memories, feelings and develops the imagination. Indulge your senses as Julie guides you on an experiential personal journey using the language of colour.

Explore colour in a deeper way, through visual meditation and creativity through colouring. Connect with your colours, express through feelings, intuition and then colour your own 'visual meditations' or 'doorways' to your unique expression.

Experience special meditation techniques using colour and imagery to learn about the language and vibration of colour, as it connects to us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Using Julie's Journey in Colour cards, you will be given insights into your purpose and creativity, develop your intuitive awareness and balance emotions to discover a playful way to the spirit!

These processes can be useful as tools to use in our personal and professional lives and also for Art therapists and Counsellors.

When: Saturday 24th November

Time: 10.30am - 4.30pm

Price: $159 ~ Includes lunch, coffee or tea, entry and your own set of Julie's Journey in Colour Cards to use for future inspiration.

Online booking facility is now closed. You may still book in on Saturday 24th in person at the Crystal Castle. Please ask for Jo at 10am sharp.

Facilitator ~ Julie Pretyman

Julie became a school teacher in 1975 and taught for 15 years before exploring her interest in art. This led her into creating very expressionistic, colourful paintings which then led into the most exciting journey of her life!

As she 'tuned' into the vibration of colour, the paintings became meditations and tools for spiritual awareness. The 45 Kaleidoscope cards were created and became part of programs for both adults and children.

Julie has taught both adults and children in workshops in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania.

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Free Entry for all, all day.

Please assemble in the giant Buddha’s amphitheatre by 11.15am NSW time.

Bring a hat, cushion to sit on, wear sunscreen and an umbrella if it is wet.

Limited free bus transport from Mullumbimby High School carpark.

Departures 9.15am, 9.45am, 10.15am, 10.45am and 11.15am

Buses will return to Mullumbimby from 3.15pm onwards.


Special Announcement

Butter Lamp Offering Ceremony Sunday Evening At 7pm

The Crystal Castle and the Café will remain open from 5pm to 8.30pm, (it's Free Entry from 5 pm).

Come anytime and enjoy the Full Moon Fire Puja with Giant Butter Lamp Offering, the final ceremony with the monks for the stupa opening.

Please gather at the Discovery Room at 7pm for the procession to the stupa. 

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Kalachakra World Peace Stupa Opening

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Kalachakra World Peace Stupa

Consecration Ceremonies

Thursday 18th – Sunday 28th October 2012

After two years of physical and spiritual effort and many years of hopes and dreams, the Kalachakra World Peace Stupa will finally be completed in a huge Blessing Ceremony.

As usual there will be much to do to prepare for this momentous occasion and the monks will be in residence for 10 days preparing and putting the finishing touches to their great work.

The Stupa Opening Ceremony will be held on Saturday October 27th.

The Ceremony and will begin at 11:30am lead by HH the 14th Dalai Lama’s representative in Australia, Mr Sonam Dagpo.

The Gyuto Monks and and members from the local Arakwal family will assist in the rituals which will include a Welcome to Country ceremony, a procession to the stupa, chanting by the monks and blessing of the land.

This will be a truly auspicious event, not to be missed!

Free Entry all day to the Crystal Castle for everyone.

All guests are welcome to participate in the ceremony at any point throughout the day. Please bring a blanket or cushion to sit on during the ceremony.

The monks will offer a daily public program from Thursday 18th, including special preparations for the completion of the stupa.

Click here for more details

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