Madonna, affectionately known as the ‘The Crystal Oracle’, is a valued member of the Crystal Castle team. She trained with the famous crystal healer and pioneer, Melody, and also delights in learning directly from the crystals themselves. We asked her to share some of her wisdom and insights into crystals and their special qualities.

Can you suggest crystals for prosperity and manifesting dreams?

Citrine is the stone of abundance and we find that people starting out in business and beginning new ventures are really drawn to it as it allows you to receive all the good things life has to offer.
Clear quartz is the stone of clarity. It is the most programmable of all the crystals. You can set an intent, a positive statement, into the clear quartz and it amplifies that intent. If you place it beside another crystal you can program it to magnify the qualities of the other crystal and they will work in synergy to assist you on your journey.

What are some of the other crystals that you particularly like?

Moldavite is great to connect you with your galactic consciousness. Moldavite is gem quality tektite and it is considered to be material from outer space that slammed into Mother Earth and fused. It holds the spirit of Gaia and the galactic spirit entwined. It helps us to tap into the galactic knowledge that is in each and every one of us. It fast tracks you to a higher level of understanding. Moldavite is one of my favourite crystals because it makes me feel protected and loved and constantly expands my levels of awareness.

I have a beautiful Larimar pendant in which you can clearly see the face of a being that actually looks like it is jumping for joy. This is one of the qualities of Larimar – joy and lightness – and my Larimar pendant has really helped me to connect with my own inner joy. Larimar has taught me not just about being happy but also about connecting to my heart. I also have a Sodalite pendant in which you can glimpse half a face hiding behind a veil. I can clearly see the smile and the eye. Only some people notice this face and it is interesting to observe who does and who doesn’t. For me, Sugilite has been strongly connected with coming out of the shadows because I am naturally very shy. She has also unveiled messages about my divine purpose, which I really appreciate.

How would someone decide which is the best crystal for them?

Crystals are tools that can help you to connect with your spirit and the divinity that is all around. So while we can suggest specific crystals, you will know the best crystal for yourself when you touch or tune into them and really feel a connection with a particular crystal.

A small crystal can be just as powerful as a larger crystal. It’s all about what you are attracted to. Choosing a crystal is a very personal process, kind of like how you are drawn to make a new friendship.
I once found a double terminated clear quartz healing wand, a bit dusty and neglected, down at the back of a bottom shelf. I hadn’t ever noticed it before but as soon as I saw it I felt like it was an old friend returning. Now it has been cleansed and loved it has pride of place on my amethyst slab. It’s not much to look at, not so attractive, but it is incredibly precious and powerful to me.

Many things and people may have unattractive exteriors or behaviours but actually have the most gorgeous centres. It’s the same with crystals so don’t always judge by what you see; also consider how a crystal feels to you energetically.

How do people use crystals?

The ways to use crystals are many. You can place them in your home or workplace, near computers and televisions, on your body as jewellery or in your clothing and your car. Of course, they are the perfect tool to meditate with as well.
It is wonderful to have crystals with you in your bath. One of my personal dreams is to have a bath completely carved from mookaite. Mookaite is a really interesting jasper and it’s only found in Australia, in remote western regions, and I have been told that it is very sacred to the Aboriginal community in that region. Mookaite is known to invoke ancient wisdom and eternal youth. It is also said to slow the ageing process. It really connects into the spirit of the earth and the energy portals around the planet, such as Uluru and Avebury, and even here at the Crystal Castle.

You can also sleep with your crystals; they can be great for enhancing one’s dreams. It is important to always respect crystals. Be careful what you ask from them and be clear about your intent because they hold a great deal of energy. I like to dedicate my crystals to the highest good of all.

How should people care for their crystals?

Crystals need to be cleansed on a regular basis, depending on what you are using them for, and there are different ways to do this. Not all crystals can be cleansed in salt water, and some, like Selenite and Calcite, can’t be put out in the rain for weeks on end as it will negatively affect their structure. Bathing your crystals in the moonlight is a great way to cleanse, clear or charge them. Selenite, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, is one crystal that especially likes to be charged by moonlight (as long as it is not raining).

Sunlight is also good for cleansing most crystals, as is salt water; if this is not available then just use running water from the tap. You can smudge your crystals using the Native American process of burning white sage, which is phenomenal for all crystals. If you have crystal jewellery you can place it on an amethyst cluster when you are not wearing it and the amethyst will gently cleanse the piece.

If you are wearing a crystal on your body continuously, going through a difficult period or spending time in toxic environments then you may want to clear it daily. Other times you may not need to cleanse a piece of jewellery for a couple of months and some may not need it more than once a year. I like to cleanse my crystals by the cycle of the seasons, such as on the equinox, on full moons or on specific galactic events. Another way to clear your crystals is to bury them in the earth to help them cleanse and reboot.

Have you always been so passionate about crystals?

My love for crystals began when I was very little. I was given a sheet of paper that had tumbled stones stuck to it. I remember being really frustrated because I wanted to rip the crystals off the paper because I couldn’t hold them properly. My first crystal pendant was also given to me – a pink Rhodonite crystal. Interestingly, when I came for my initial interview to become part of the Crystal Castle team I pulled a crystal card to give me insight into what this would mean to me and what lessons would I learn. Amazingly, the card I pulled was Rhodonite.
Rhodonite is a crystal that connects you to your talents, helping you to uncover your true, unique gifts, the ones that allow you to align with your purpose and move to the next level of your soul’s journey.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the level of exploration, awareness and acceptance at the Crystal Castle – there are not many places like it. I personally call it a modern-day mystery school. The people who come to visit are amazing, open to new ideas, and so appreciative. I love to have the beauty of nature as my working environment and all the crystals are incredible. My time here feels like a constant evolution, and the team at the Crystal Castle is like a goddess circle into which I have been welcomed.

In a nutshell, living in such magnificent natural surroundings and working in such a beautiful place that’s filled with life force and tranquillity helps me to feel supported in so many ways. It has really fast tracked my connection to my spirit and my own healing journey....Madonna

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