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Tuesday 11 June 2013

An interview with Madonna (part 1)

Madonna, affectionately known as the ‘The Crystal Oracle’, is a valued member of the Crystal Castle team. She trained with the famous crystal healer and pioneer, Melody, and also delights in learning directly from the crystals themselves. We asked her to share some of her wisdom and insights into crystals and their special qualities.

What crystals do you recommend for healing?

The most frequent question we get asked at the Crystal Castle is ‘Do you have a healing crystal?’ And the answer is that all crystals are healing. But you can get quite specific. People often want physical healing or help with depression and anxiety or to bring love into their lives. There are some crystals, such as Amethyst, that are known to be good for a range of things.

Amethyst is a stone for inner peace as it opens your connection with the divine, with your spirit. It also transmutes negative energy into positive energy, like a little psychic vacuum cleaner. It is a great crystal to wear on you or to have in your environment and it’s a really good starting point for anyone of any age.

People looking for healing are often drawn to Amethyst or Agate. Agate is a very powerful yet quite common crystal. It supports you in balancing your spiritual, emotional and etheric bodies. It helps you to ground and connect to the earth and to feel nurtured and nourished by this beautiful planet. Agate also assists in reducing over-processing and worrying and being too much in your mental body, allowing you to be more present in the now.

Rose Quartz is another popular healing crystal as it is the stone for unconditional love. Its energy makes it easier for you to be kind and compassionate to yourself, which I feel is vital in life. It helps you to walk with the grace of God and trust in your spirit to guide you to where you need to be.

What crystals would you recommend for their protective qualities?

The number one crystal I adore for psychic protection is Black Tourmaline as it absorbs negative energies and negative entities. It is wonderful to have on you if you are feeling vulnerable. This goes for any Tourmaline as it comes in a wide range of colours. It is excellent for purification because it helps to remove any blocks or fears you may have that are stopping you from fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

Another brilliant crystal is Labradorite. It is considered the stone of magic. On the surface it looks as if it is quite dark but when you look into it you will see so many brilliant colours. It’s like when the clouds cover the sky and it’s raining, there will always be a rainbow somewhere soon. It allows you to see the magic in your life and it also clears and seals your energy field.

Smoky Quartz is another crystal I often suggest for protection as it grounds you, helps you to stop thinking too much and dispels the fears that prevent you from listening to your heart.
Fluorite is good for anyone working at a computer as it is excellent for focusing and concentration. It also protects against electromagnetic energy from televisions, computers and mobile phones and it is great for psychic protection as well. Fluorite assists you in organising your life effectively for your soul’s purpose.


  • By Crystal Castle