Crystals In Your Home

Monday 21 October 2013

An extract from the New Crystal Castle Guidebook – interview with Madonna (aka The Crystal Oracle)

Many people find it beneficial to create an area in their home that they dedicate to fostering sacred space and a stronger connection to their spiritual side. This is a place where you can set an intent for the day ahead. It is almost like a little crystal altar — an area with a selection of your favourite crystals, fresh flowers, some inspirational pictures or words and maybe a candle or vessel for burning incense or oils.

This sacred space is where you can take a moment out of your busy day to relax and connect with the wisdom inside. This is a great way to start if you haven’t meditated before or even if you’re a practised yogi!
Creating this space can be a powerful tool for transformation in your life. It’s as simple as dedicating a small table, or corner in a room, to the enrichment of your spirit.

A good idea is to also create a central crystal focus such as a geode, a crystal angel or a quartz generator. This will help to integrate and transform energies for you.

A geode or altar piece can radiate very powerfully and can therefore be used to alter the frequency of a room. One beautiful suggestion is selenite.
Selenite assists us in creating a peaceful atmosphere, and a lovely large wand or ‘log’ of selenite is a welcome addition to any room. Selenite attracts and holds spiritual energies to create a safe sacred space. Perfectly positioned in any area of the home where you feel stagnant energies exist, she lifts both you and the room to higher planes of awareness.

Many healers and therapists, including counsellors, naturopaths and body-workers, often enjoy the calming, clearing benefits of having a large piece of selenite under their table or desk.

Others simply enjoy having a bowl of small tumble stones sitting on their coffee table, so that they can dip into them at leisure when spirit calls them to.

Some people enjoy placing stones in strategic spots around the home. One idea is to place two pieces of black tourmaline at the front door to protect the home and discourage any ‘negative’ energies from entering. Another idea is to set protective crystals in all four corners of your house, room or healing space.

I find rose quartz is brilliant for this. We have some lovely raw chunks of rose quartz which I use to grid in the four corners of my cabin and healing room... Madonna

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