World Peace Stupa Update

Saturday 18 August 2012

Kalachakra World Peace Stupa Update

August has seen another important stage of the World Peace Stupa come to fruition. It has been a time of consecration ceremonies and the final sculpting on the Stupa itself followed by painting in rich blue and gold.

The Long Life Ceremony “Tsewang” for the sponsors of the Kalachakra World Peace Stupa and the whole community was the close for the monks August visit with over 600 people attending.

The culmination of two years of physical and spiritual effort, many years of hopes and dreams, the Kalachakra World Peace Stupa will finally be completed in October during a huge Blessing Ceremony. As usual there will be much to do to prepare for this momentous occasion and the monks will be in residence again for 10 days prior preparing and putting the finishing touches to their great work.

Thursday 18th - Sunday 28th October

Consecration Ceremonies For The Completion Of The Stupa

October is a time to fill and consecrate the statues destined for the benefactors of the Prayer Wheels to be placed around the Stupa. The monks will perform all the traditional rites associated with filling, sealing and consecrating the Buddha statues.

It is also a process of honouring the concept of community and inviting their participation and involvement. Calling in all the Buddhas to a state of ‘Auspicious Co-incidence’, the aim will be to create a Buddhaverse, a universe of Buddhas through the blessing of 1000 Buddhas known as ‘Sangye Tong Ku’.

In the Discovery Room at the Castle, much chanting will take place, the monks will paint, that is, gild, the faces of the Buddha statues, many large torma statues will be created, coloured thread will be woven to connect the sacred objects and all will be gathered together for transportation to the Stupa area where the ceremony is to be conducted.

Meanwhile Crystal Castle principal sponsors will guide the ritual attendant to the energy points of the whole property by buggy and he will duly identify them with the sacred Memory Mirror – these areas will ultimately be revisited by the monks during the Blessing Ceremony and prayers chanted, sacred saffron water sprayed in the key areas and grains of rice thrown, symbolizing prosperity and long life.

All of Byron and surrounding areas will be dedicated as a Buddhafield as the monks, in yellow hats circumambulating the stupa conduct the ultimate dedication of this great monument to World Peace on Saturday October 27.

Stay tuned for more details !

Did you know… The World Peace Kalachakra stupa being built at Crystal Castle is not only the first in the southern hemisphere, but it is also the most readily accessible in the western world….

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