Kalachakra World Peace Stupa Opens

Tuesday 6 November 2012

"Build it and they will come"

And come they did as almost 1,500 people filled the Crystal Castle’s amphitheatre for the grand opening of our extraordinary Kalachakra World Peace Stupa. The date was October 27th 2012, determined auspicious by our spiritual guide for the project, Gen Lama of the Gyuto monks of Tibet, and amazingly, exactly 365 days from the day that construction started.

'The sight of so many people filling, for the first time ever, the amphitheatre that we built 8 years ago, was truly amazing.” said Naren. “It seemed as if it had been waiting for this event. It was such a joy to see everyone placing their hands on mother earth as the Arakwals welcomed us all to country.”

It was a rich event, a colourful and peaceful day of ceremony, song and Tibetan butter tea, always overseen by the impressive blue and gold structure of the Stupa itself. Elyjah McCleod was our fabulous MC and there was honouring of the amazing input from so many different people, including hundreds within the local community, who have supported and co-created this wonderful project. The Gyuto Monks, as always, brought their joyful peace and depth of spirit, not to mention their amazing harmonic chanting, and the Kings’ daughter, Ayla, moved many to tears with her beautiful acapella rendition of John Lennon's Imagine.

‘The Kalachakra Stupa is very significant - wherever we build or construct them, these Stupas will bring peace, help in avoiding natural disasters and bring harmony and peace among the people” said Mr Sonam Dagpo, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama's representative in Australia as he officially opened the monument. “For Buddhist believers this is a place of pilgrimage, but for the non-believers this is piece of Buddhist architecture to look around and a very good place to have inspiration, peace, and happiness.”

Once the ceremonies were complete people waited in lines to take their turn to walk around the Stupa and spin the beautiful brass prayer wheels, each containing thousands of handwritten prayers to add wings to their peaceful intent.

Sono read out the dedication plaque : “This Stupa is dedicated to love and peace for all beings, to freedom for the Tibetan people and to their sacrifice in the name of peace. The hopes, dreams and commitment of the community have motivated and nurtured the creation of this sacred structure, designed to last for over 1,000 years. May Peace Prevail”.

On Sunday night over 200 people returned for the Full Moon Fire Puja, and the stupa was lit up for the first time, under the full moon, with the yak butter stupa sculpture dissolving in flames over several hours. It was a truly magical night of completion.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and shared your love and goodwill, and if you weren’t able to be there in person, you can get a taste of the magic in this great video created by Sharon Shostak from our local paper the Echo –

Kalachakra World Peace Stupa Opens

There are also lots of photos on facebook now – come and “like” the Crystal Castle and see this colourful, historic day.


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