New Treasures

Tuesday 20 September 2011

My buying trip earlier this year was one of the best ever, and more fun than ever, finding an extraordinary collection of crystals from around the world. Some of my favourites that are now here – Rainbow Obsidian Hearts, Moroccan Fossils and "Ruby" Spinel formations.

(the comments from "CCO" come from Madonna, our "Crystal Castle Oracle" and resident expert on crystal meanings and metaphysics).

All the best from Naren the Crystal Castle crystal explorer.

Rainbow Obsidian Hearts - these are hand polished in Mexico, in such a way that they reveal gorgeous heart shapes that glimmer with rainbow colours, out of a deep dark centre. They are getting much harder to find, but we got both single hearts, doubles, and even a few triples.
“CCO” ~It is said, Rainbow Obsidian invites illumination, protection and profound healing of the heart and relationships.

Moroccan Fossils - kids just love these, and the big ones are often bought for big (male) kids! From the Sahara Desert in Morocco, when it was an ocean, comes this assortment of orthoceras, goniatite and more, plus little ones made into pendants. I also really like these as they are so inexpensive, from a few dollars each, for something that is (no kidding) over 500 million years old.
“CCO” ~ Fossils are considered to be ”The Stone of Transformation” The Mystic Lore of these ancient wonders reminds us to be receptive to change and innovation.

"Ruby" Spinel formations - not really rubies, but commonly called Ruby Spinel due to the incredible sparkling ruby-like crystals, these formations are growing out of a milky white base of calcite. Like nothing I have ever seen before, in 27 years of roaming the world for crystals, I acquired these from a French crystal dealer, who found them in Vietnam over 16 years ago!
They are absolutely stunning, and I know you need a fairly high-end budget for one of these, but they are once-in-a-lifetime pieces.
“CCO” ~ Our Stunning Spinel pieces carry the Mystic Lore of new hope, revitalisation and inner strength.

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