The ground is ready!

In the next exciting step in creating the Kalachakra World Peace Stupa at the Crystal Castle, ground was broken this week at the stupa site. If you peek to the left of the path as you walk down towards the castle, there, behind the Water Pourer pond you will see the red earth where the stupa will stand. Sloping banks of grass will provide a place to sit and marvel at this extraordinary sacred monument. You can also glimpse a winding path that will take visitors around the stupa and across to the Rainforest Walk creating the opportunity to circumambulate the monument. This is considered a most auspicious activity by the Tibetan Buddhists.

Blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama (as well as the Byron Shire Council who have approved its DA), the unusual spherical structure of the stupa has been engineered to last a thousand years. Like a physical and metaphysical time capsule it will be a powerful statement of our collective intentions for the future of humanity. The project is being managed and built by locals, Alok Eggenberger of ExpanDesign and Chris Brown of Domeshells Australia.

  • By Crystal Castle