Contribute your precious items.

The community now has the opportunity to participate by bringing particular items to be prepared for inclusion in the Stupa treasury.
These objects will reflect the future survival and prosperity of humanity.
Items to be donated should have value and meaning for the giver and be offered with pure intention for the good of all.

Please bring your precious items to the Monks in the Discovery room, between 13th – 21st August.

These are the items which are needed:

Dried and cut juniper & sandalwood.
Pots and pans, agricultural implements,
Guns, arrows (even toys guns as they are all symbols of disarmament),
Precious items - jewellery, gold and silver, coins, silk,
Grain - unhulled rice, barley,
Wool, cotton cloth,
Fine ceramics or china,
Good quality pure gold paste for painting the Tree of Life and fine artists paint brushes.

The items, chosen at the monk’s discretion, will be prepared and sealed in the 'time capsule' of the stupa in a consecration ceremony in October.

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