Crystal Spirit Card - Kunzite

Tuesday 17 May 2011

The spirit of Kunzite appears as a winged heart revealing a strong and beautiful feminine face. The soft pinks and lilacs represent a surprising strength and depth of feeling within the heart. It takes courage and humility to truly open to the wisdom of the heart.

Kunzite teaches us that self-love is the foundation to open to all other love. When one’s heart is open, there is a wonderful recognition of being interconnected with all life. This is divine love.

Allow the energy of Kunzite to take you into the silence of your heart, the home of your divine love and the place where your true wisdom resides.

Crystal Spirit Cards have been created here in the Byron Shire by Gitama Day, a close friend to the Crystal Castle owners. Gitama has used the Crystal Castle crystals as the basis and inspiration to the incredible art work for each of the cards. $34.95 per deck/book set.

Crystal Spirit Cards are available for purchase at our online shop $34.95 per deck/book set.

  • By Crystal Castle