Astro Report by Varij April 2011

Tuesday 19 April 2011

April / May Astrology Report

The period of this month’s report begins with the Sun in Aries full Moon in Libra, exact on the Monday the 18th April at 12:44 pm, and ends with the Sun in Taurus full Moon in Scorpio, exact on Tuesday the 17th of May at 9:10 pm.

Note, a full Moon always occurs in the sign opposite to that which the Sun is in. So after Taurus, in the yearly cycle of the zodiac it goes like this: Sun Gemini / Moon Sagittarius; Sun Cancer / Moon Capricorn; Sun Leo / Moon Aquarius; Sun Virgo / Moon Pisces; Sun Libra / Moon Aries; Sun Scorpio / Moon Taurus; and so on around the wheel of the zodiac.

The full Moon is a time of maximum light and potential awareness, a time when what was begun at the new Moon two weeks prior is brought to creative fruition. The dominant themes of the current Aries/Libra full Moon lunation are reconciling the desires of self [Aries] with the needs of others [Libra]; and harmonizing the Aries desire for rapid, inspired change with the Libran need for fair and dispassionate consideration of the potential impact of that change on the legitimate interests of all affected parties. With five planets in Aries and only two in Libra, the Arien drive to get things done quickly is likely to triumph over the Libran preference for negotiation and compromise.

According to esoteric tradition, the Taurus/Scorpio full Moon is the most powerful lunation of the year, as the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama the Buddha are all reputed to have occurred under it’s auspices. It is further said that every year at this time ascended masters gather together in the mythical Wesak valley of the high Himalaya to further the evolution of all humanity under the beneficent guidance of the Buddha himself.

Whether literally true or not, we can all make use of the potent rays of this lunation to advance along our chosen spiritual path. Meditation undertaken at this time can be especially powerful in freeing ourselves from the grip of dark obsessive thoughts that bind us to the wheel of suffering. Like a lotus flower whose roots lie deep in the mud, we can grow toward the light and warmth of our inner spiritual Sun and float, if only for a few precious moments, serenely on the waters of life.

Varij is a former tutor in Philosophy at Melbourne University and a writer for Wellbeing Astrology Magazine. A professional reader of over 25 years experience, he combines compassion and wisdom with a gifted intuition to deliver clear, positive and accurate guidance. Varij has been with the Crystal Castle for seven years and is available for readings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Phone ahead to make your booking. 0266 84 3111

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