Gardening ranks throughout the world as the most popular outdoor activity and every gardener knows the joy of watching things grow in the garden. However not so many of us are lucky enough to watch the actual size of our gardens grow. This, however, has been the pleasure of the gardening team at Crystal Castle who are the dedicated caretakers of an ever-increasing area of spectacular natural beauty within the Castle grounds.

Originally the Castle gardens were limited to a small area around the Castle itself and the walk down from the car park. When the Buddha walk was conceived the garden area grew exponentially to encompass this half kilometre walk of mystic statues including the bamboo staircase and the terraced lawns where the Buddha presides.

With the addition of the Rainforest walk and work about to start on the landscaping for the site of Kalachakra Stupa for World Peace, the gardens now spread over 5 acres and provide one of the major attractions for our visitors. It is always a delight to relax amongst the beauty of nature but the added energy of the crystals, the presence of the sacred statues and the beautiful water features seem to create another level of peace and an atmosphere of delight and wonder.

Autumn is one of the most pleasant times for gardening, which is convenient as there is plenty to do right now. The secateurs and shears are getting a good workout as we tidy perennials, get rid of dead wood and cutting back vines. We have been cleaning out an abundance of heliconia plants that have been so successful they have taken over some areas that were designed for other plant varieties. These plants will be made available to the QLD flood victims to start to rebuild their gardens and we will also have some available to buy over the Easter holidays. The proceeds of these sales will also go to aid the flood victims.

Our gardening team fully appreciates the need to work in partnership with nature and to recognise and accept the charms and strengths that the Australian environment has to offer. Our gardens feature many beautiful Australian native plants and we are vigilant to exclude any vegetation that might take over the natural ecosystems.

An interview with our head gardener Pyari is featured in our April e-news and also on our 'Team' Blog page. We will begin to report in future e-news stories the particular delights you can find in the Castle gardens as the seasons change and new plants come into bloom or display.

  • By Crystal Castle