Wisdom From The Readers - Janey

Tuesday 22 March 2011


In these tumultuous times, when the world seems out of whack, it is important that we seek balance in our daily lives. Balance between work and play, quiet times and busy times and a balance between our inner and outer ways of being.

Fluorite is a good stone to clear and align scattered thoughts. When our mind is focused we can make centered and balanced decisions.

In Tarot and Astrology, the ‘Justice’ card and ‘Libra’ both symbolize the scales, denoting the ability to act from a calm and balanced position that allows honorable solutions. In Palmistry a balance between and equally strong head and heart line is ideal in creating wholeness through integration of heart and mind.

A lovely balancing meditation is the ‘Tree’. Drawing in higher energy from above like the branches of a tree and drawing it through the crown chakra downwards, through the souls of the feet and into the heart of mother Earth, sending her love and discharging any excess energy. We are now balanced between heaven and Earth, centered and ready for whatever the day brings us and ready to receive and give equally.

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