Through the Eyes of ...Lexie

Thursday 17 February 2011

Q. Name, nickname and tell us briefly about yourself.

My name is Lexie and I was born in Uruguay and moved to Australia as a baby. I feel very much at home here at the Castle. I was amazed when I first came here to see all the Amethyst Crystals from Uruguay.

Q. What do you love about working here and how long have you been on the Castle team?

I have been here at Crystal Castle for four years. What I love most of all about working here is the people. I love the people here and I feel like I’m with my family. It’s so playful, the girls are wonderful and we connect on such a deep level. I also love the animals here. We have quite a few little visitors. The tawny frog mouth owls that sit here in the Jacaranda tree by the Café everyday who also just happen to be my totem animal. Having the possums around too and I often see a koala on my way home walking through the gardens.

Q. What is your favourite dish from the Lotus Cafe?

Well my favourite dish to make here at the Lotus Café is the Mediterranean platter. It is a little more time consuming to make but it is so pretty, all the different colours and textures. All the flavours work so well together. It is like a landscape on a plate. The customers go oooh and arrh when you put it down on the table.

Q. Do you have a favourite statue and why?

My favourite statue in the Gardens is Nandi the bull because he is the lord of devotion. His devotion to Shiva, his unconditional love and pure devotion.

Q. If you could buy anything from the Castle, what would you buy?

There is a beautiful Dancing Shiva, Nataraj statue here that I just love. It always catches my eye.

Q. What's your favourite crystal and why?

I have two favourite crystals.. Pink Kunzite. It’s such a gentle teacher about unconditional love and it encourages humbleness, humility and selfless service. It is so beautiful, so feminine and it really makes us look at the deepest qualities of unconditional love. The combining of the Heart, Throat and Third eye chakras, I find it very potent. My other favourite is Turquoise. The Tibetan or the Native American, I love them both. The essence of wholeness, the story of bringing the Earth and the Sky together. The feminine and the masculine creating peace, balance and harmony.

Q. Do you have an anecdote / a special moment about a Castle visitor?

Yes, just recently a young girl came up to the counter, she was really upset, she had just found out she was allergic to soy, dairy and gluten. She said I’m sorry to be such a pain and there probably is nothing that I can eat. I went through the menu with her and found things that she could eat, she was so happy. It made me feel good that she felt happy and that we had nice things for her to eat.

Q. When did you get your first crystal and what was it?

My first crystal was given to me when I first met my Grandfather in Uruguay. I was thirteen, he gave me an Amethyst and I still have it. It is a little cluster, not shinny or sparkly, you can see that it is very old and it has Citrine coming in underneath the crystals.

  • By Crystal Castle