The Crystal Castle Discovery Room offers an exciting program of activities for young and old throughout the holidays and every weekend.

One of the most popular events this summer has been candle making with local artist Anca from Happy Flame Candles. Anca will guide you through the process of making your very own beeswax candle using traditional candle-making methods. The calming, subtle honey aroma and the negative ions emitted when a beeswax candle burns make for a gorgeous environment. The soft, yellow flame is also “particularly flattering” reported one of our happy participants. And as you make your candle you’ll discover more fascinating information about bees and special properties of their wax.

Another popular experience is Janey’s art demonstration in which she uses gum leaves collected in the castle grounds to create unique and rather magical artworks. Or you might like to discover the mysteries and magic of the Labyrinth with Rothy who will connect you with the powerful energies of these ancient pathways and guide you in creating your own three-circuit version to take home with you.

If listening is your thing then Peter, our Shamanic storyteller, will be weaving ancient stories of the earth, wonderful interactive tales for young and old alike. Or you might be drawn to explore the healing power of sound as Ioa invites you to discover your own unique heart song or Chicchan guides us through the memorable experience of a crystal singing bowl meditation.

And don’t forget our fabulous face painters who continue to weave their magic, turning your beautiful children into ever more exotic elves, faeries, pirates and princesses. There’s something for everyone on offer at Crystal Castle these holidays all day, every day. For full details of the program please visit our 'What's' On page.

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