Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure

Friday 21 January 2011

Want to find out what Oprah and her guests got up to on their recent tour of Australia? We were asked to keep this secret until now, but can now announce that while in Byron Bay a special visit was made to the Crystal Castle by members of Oprah’s audience. Owner of the Crystal Castle, Naren King has said of the visit; "we were blown away to be chosen by Oprah to be a part of the tour, and to play host to her guests, while they were exploring the wonder of Byron Bay. The group spent a morning here and had a beautiful time. We were told later that the group that visited here became very close together, for the rest of the tour. The Gyuto Monks were also here that day, as it was the day before the consecration ceremony. Each Oprah visitor received a sacred khata (Tibetan scarf) from the monks”. Naren was then gifted a ticket to the Opera House show in Sydney as part of a star studded audience.
Don’t miss the episode airing tonight on Channel 10 at 7.30 pm and then again on Sunday night.
To read more about their time in Byron Bay, click through now


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Human Mastery

Thursday 20 January 2011

The Crystal Castle is proud to sponsor these great teachers and presenters in a special event called Human Mastery on 19-20 Feb 2011 in Byron Bay.

Leaders in self-development share their expertise, insights and mastery in one powerful weekend.

They will address some of the biggest issues we face in our lives today: Stress, Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness, Addictions, and Illnesses.

Using the latest tools and methods in self-development; this hands-on seminar heralds a new beginning in its innovative and groundbreaking approach.

To find out more about the Human Mastery event, please visit www.divinemeetings.com

Expect to make some of your greatest spiritual discoveries over the course of this life-changing weekend!

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Astrology report by Varij January 2011

Thursday 20 January 2011

2011: A year of deep and accelerated change

Four major planets – Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus and Neptune change signs this year, indicating 2011 is going to be a year of deep and accelerated change.

Jupiter and Uranus change signs from Pisces to Aries, Jupiter on the 23 January and Uranus on the 13 March, whilst Chiron and Neptune move from Aquarius into Pisces on the 9th February and the 4th of April respectively.

Noteworthy too, and very much in keeping with the theme of accelerated change, is the fact that Jupiter, the good luck planet in pop astrology, that also rules over religion, philosophy and the higher mind, races through Aries in less than 6 months in 2011, which is less than half the full year it normally spends in a sign! Which is just what it will do when it enters Taurus on 4th June where it will stay until 12th June 2012.

The pace of life will especially quicken and intensify though when Uranus, the planet of freedom, individualism and technological innovation joins Jupiter in Aries from mid-March onwards. Some will no doubt be moved to cry ‘stop the world I want to get off’, but wiser heads [Aries rules the head in the body] will get with the program and choose to align with the new wave of fiery Aries energy that is about to sweep the planet.

We can confidently expect breakthrough solutions to previously intractable problems when Jupiterian optimism and Uranian revolutionary thinking is infused with Aries drive and enthusiasm. Together they will provide the irresistible momentum to blast through the forces of inertia and resistance currently holding back a wave of much needed change. The time is now ripe to generate new ideas and action plans to be put into motion through March, April and May, and consolidated thereafter during Jupiter’s sojourn in earth sign Taurus.

Finally, the ingress of Chiron the wounded healer, and Neptune the planet of oceanic love and unity consciousness into Pisces from Aquarius will correlate with a shift from lofty humanitarian idealism to deeply felt compassionate responses on the subjective individual level to all the trials and tribulations that we spiritual beings must inevitably face whilst having a human experience. The Dalai Lama’s oft-quoted ‘kindness is my religion’ may well sum up the spirit of the times.

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Crystal Spirit Card Citrine

Thursday 20 January 2011


The Spirit of Citrine brings clarity, creativity and a generosity of spirit into one’s life.
Citrine reminds you that wherever you direct your energy, it has the potential to be an expression of your abundant nature.
Citrine offers protection, confidence and success in all your undertakings.
Crystal Spirit Cards have been created here in the Byron Shire by Gitama Day, a close friend to the Crystal Castle owners. Gitama has used the Crystal Castle crystals as the basis and inspiration to the incredible art work for each of the cards. $34.95 per deck/book set.


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The Crystal Castle Discovery Room offers an exciting program of activities for young and old throughout the holidays and every weekend.

One of the most popular events this summer has been candle making with local artist Anca from Happy Flame Candles. Anca will guide you through the process of making your very own beeswax candle using traditional candle-making methods. The calming, subtle honey aroma and the negative ions emitted when a beeswax candle burns make for a gorgeous environment. The soft, yellow flame is also “particularly flattering” reported one of our happy participants. And as you make your candle you’ll discover more fascinating information about bees and special properties of their wax.

Another popular experience is Janey’s art demonstration in which she uses gum leaves collected in the castle grounds to create unique and rather magical artworks. Or you might like to discover the mysteries and magic of the Labyrinth with Rothy who will connect you with the powerful energies of these ancient pathways and guide you in creating your own three-circuit version to take home with you.

If listening is your thing then Peter, our Shamanic storyteller, will be weaving ancient stories of the earth, wonderful interactive tales for young and old alike. Or you might be drawn to explore the healing power of sound as Ioa invites you to discover your own unique heart song or Chicchan guides us through the memorable experience of a crystal singing bowl meditation.

And don’t forget our fabulous face painters who continue to weave their magic, turning your beautiful children into ever more exotic elves, faeries, pirates and princesses. There’s something for everyone on offer at Crystal Castle these holidays all day, every day. For full details of the program please visit our 'What's' On page.

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