Wisdom from the Readers, September

Monday 20 September 2010

This month we feature an article from Janey, one of the Crystal Castle’s resident readers.

Janey has 30 years experience working with Astrology, Tarot and Palm reading and is also trained in Art Therapy and Grief & Loss Counselling. Janey has been offering her readings and words of wisdom from the Crystal Castle for 6 years.

Transformation! It’s all around us at the moment. Bare twigs sprout green leaves and flowers. The heart is filled with wonder as new life arises. In Tarot, transformation is mostly recognized by the death card, this card looks formidable, but it has positive outcomes if we gracefully accept change, let go of what doesn’t serve us and open ourselves to rebirth and transformation. In Astrology, Pluto is the great transformer. Over the last two years we have witnessed major transformations in finance and government and the need to rebuild structures that will sustain society into the future. As Pluto moves through Capricorn over the next decade, society’s structures will be radically transformed. Globally there is pressure to find new ways of being while leaving behind what no longer serves us. During this early stage, confusion and fear of the unknown arises. There is resistance but also excitement. We are all part of this, all budding flowers in the big picture, being asked in any big or small way to let go of the outmoded and move towards our inner truth and transformation.

Janey is available for readings at the Crystal Castle on Thursdays and Sundays. Contact the Crystal Castle for bookings and remember to book ahead to avoid disappointment, our readers are in hot demand.

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