Through The Eyes Of.. Madonna

Friday 17 September 2010

Q. Name, nickname and tell us briefly about yourself?
Madonna aka Madz.
Well, I’m female, a human being living on planet Earth. My connection to the Crystal Castle; I have been working at the Crystal Castle for two and a half years and I find that since I’ve been here it has literally fast tracked my spiritual development. It’s like working in a modern day mystery school, where we are well supported by the other people that are on the team and also the visitors who come to the Crystal Castle. It’s such a beautiful blessing to be surrounded by crystal gifts from mother Earth and nature. Plus all the animals that join us here.

Q. What is your favourite dish from the Lotus Cafe?
Asian noodle salad with Tofu as I’m vegan. Nice to be catered for.

Q. Do you have a favourite statue and why?
Ganesh.. Who I have a personal connection to. When I was really young I had a dream that there was an elephant in my front yard and he kept on changing colours. I was dancing around with this elephant on a grassy knoll and later on I discovered it was Ganesh. He is the remover of obstacles and the keeper of wisdom.

Q. If you could buy anything from the Crystal Castle, what would you buy?
I guess it would have to be the Rose Quartz fountain. Q. why? If you saw it you would know why.. It’s such an amazing visual meditation in the heart of the Crystal Castle grounds, connecting with Rose Quartz energies and the water. It’s just divine.

Q. What's your favourite crystal and why?
My all time fave would have to be Moldavite. Simply because it makes me feel like I’m home.

Q Do you have an anecdote / special moment / story about a Crystal Castle visitor.
I have a memory from about a year ago of doing an aura photo for a girl who was about 15 years old. She was here with members of her family, about 6 of them and when we unveiled the aura photo there was a bright red dot right in the centre of her forehead, something I had never seen before, her and all her friends started crying because ever since she was little they had always called her Swami and there it was, this bright red light in her energetic Aura photo. There are lots of mystical and magical things that happen here and I’m constantly surprised and amazed

Thanks Madz.

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