In and Around the Crystal Castle

Tuesday 14 September 2010

The Discovery Room.

Crystal Castle offers an enchanting experience, far removed from everyday life. Surround yourself with tranquil rainforests, awe inspiring natural wonders, magical gardens and mystical statues. Adding to your experience with us is the wonder that can be found inside our new ‘Discovery Room.’ Deepen your mind with a crystal singing bowl meditation, or a guided medicine drum journey, watch as beautiful artwork is created before your very eyes. Explore, create and discover the sights and sounds of our dedicated Discovery Room, you never know what enchanting experiences lay ahead…

Our Discovery Room programme is always changing and ever evolving. Every weekend the Discovery Room will feature a guest speaker, facilitator, healer or an interactive workshop. For the kids we offer free face painting on the weekends and during most school holidays. Here are a few delighted faces, take a look at some of our recent visitors.

September/October ~ Our special guests this school holidays will include; Irena who will run an interactive workshop on creating your own piece of Spiritual Art. Ioa facilitates Heart Song, finding your own heart song and the healing power of sound. Christina Rose and Gareme present a guided meditation connecting to the angelic flower realm. Janey who offers and interactive Art demonstration and Chicchan who guides you through a Crystal Singing Bowls meditation.

Check out the full programme for further information, click here

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