What's On

Wednesday 31 March 2010

Our Discovery Room programme is bursting with diversity this Easter holidays. With meditations, guided experiences into the healing and energy of song, symphonic and planetary gongs, crystal singing bowls, drum meditations, art demonstrations and the Starry Night Planetarium comes to visit. 

Check out the full programme and important details for both weeks of the Easter holidays on our website  


The first week brings us...

Ioa who presents "Heart Song" on Good Friday. The healing power of sound - finding your own Heart Song.

The Starry Night Planetarium visits us on Easter Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the 6th. Please check out the full details on our Discovery Room Programme at our website. Space is limited and bookings may be required.

Peter Bowden facilitates an introductory talk on the way of the Shaman and then guiding a Drum meditation journey on Wednesday and Thursday the 8th.

Free Face Painting everyday of the school holidays at The Lotus Cafe 12pm to 4pm.

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