Mahakala Tibetan Night a great success.

Wednesday 10 February 2010

It was a magical night with an incredible Mahakala Dance and other rituals by the monks, with superb music from Glenn Brace. Our heartfelt thanks to all those involved-firstly to Simon Menlove and Tiffany Kaye Anderson from the World Maitreya Karuna Foundation Australia who brought the monks to the Crystal Castle and who have dedicated so much of their lives to support them. Thanks to Suzie the great organiser and supporter of the kindergarten, Glenn Brace for his extraordinary musical gift, Lucy Fitzgerald for the donation of her beautiful paintings of the monks, Balloon Byron Bay ride donation and Robert Bleakley who did a fantastic job in the auction, Tusk Agency for their great graphics and advertising support, Julie, Mark, Karen, Kaz, Cate and Kate from the Crystal Castle, as well as the volunteers Rod, Rosie, Siraan, Ayla, Manya, Toby, Dhira, Ellen and Leanne, and to everyone else involved, and of course to all of you who came and supported the night. And our huge appreciation and thanks to Geshe Tenzin and his monks, Ngawang, Dhondup, and Thiley and their ever-helpful translator Phurbu, for bringing us their rich heritage, culture, rituals and enormous compassion.

Apologies to those of you who wanted to come but did not have enough notice; it was a spontaneous decision only 14 days before to hold the night, we will give more notice next time! We look forward to many more magical and enriching evenings at the Crystal Castle.


  • By Crystal Castle