Wisdom from the Readers, November

Monday 22 November 2010

Michelle has over 16 years experience giving Readings professionally, appearing twice on Australian National Television, giving Live Readings on Air. Drawing upon a lifetime study and practice of the Spiritual and Metaphysical Arts, along with a natural psychic ability, Michelle is able to give clear, transformative and practical readings using the Tarot and pure clairvoyant impressions of your "field". Michelle is also a passionate teacher of the Tarot, currently writing her own book upon the subject.

The origins of the Universe: The First 3 cards of The Tarot

The first 3 cards of the Tarot provide an amazingly powerful and concise story of the genesis of the created universe as we know it! The very first card of the Tarot is The Fool, numbered “0”. The old fashioned word for “0” is “cipher” which also means “mystery” or “puzzle”. Mystics and mathematicians agree that zero is not really a number, but more an idea of complete and utter stillness and silence. Zero is neither a plus nor a minus, neither yang nor yin, but a portal to both and to all things, a state of pure potentiality, of emptied-ness and no-thingness--innocent, open and poised. Sounds like Source Energy--the indestructible essence of all things, including you and me--doesn’t it? A perfect entry point to the profundity of Creation and the Tarot!

Like the mysterious, incomprehensible state preceding the Big Bang, this “0” which is The Fool, gives birth to the unavoidable duality inherent in our world of existence and form: Bang! Now we have the Male Yang of The Magician (1) and the Feminine Yin of The High Priestess (2)—the two fundamental principles out of which Source (0) fashions the stuff of the entire Universe!

These two cards indicate our connection to our Spiritual Father (The Magician) and our Spiritual Mother (The High Priestess). Both Principles have access to the “magic” of manifestation, but by different means. The Magician works through dynamic, active, Yang rationality and order. The High Priestess operates through passive, “allowing” feminine Yin energy, comfortable with the forces of chaos, the psyche and irrationality. BOTH ways are essential to a fulfilling life here! On a basic level, when either The Magician or The High Priestess appear, they often indicate which kind of approach is needed or at play at this time: action vs. inaction, activity vs. stillness, intervention vs. allowing, acquiring vs. letting go, left-side of the brain vs. right-side of the brain, rationality vs. feeling.

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