Weddings are absolutely beautiful and sacred at the Crystal Castle and this is echoed by the sentiments shared by all who have got married at this special place…

“We wanted a private and intimate ceremony and the Buddha gardens allowed for that. Our son is two now, and he often looks at photos or the DVD of the day and says "Buddha Buddha". Even being so young I am sure he will remember that element, if nothing else. It was a great interaction with nature for everyone. After the ceremony the guests were able to walk through the gardens and see some of the wonderful statues.” Katy and Daniel

“Our wedding was the most amazing day! And we owe a lot of that specialness to the Crystal Castle. Having our ceremony in front of the Buddha and photos in the garden afterwards gave our wedding a difference to the norms of traditional weddings. The statues, the plants and the sun going down over the valley made for great wedding photos. The experience was quite simply "truly amazing". Melissa and Gabor

“We had a truly wonderful experience having our wedding ceremony at the Crystal Castle. We had been there for the first time two years earlier, and had decided then and there that when we got married. We have both lived in India for many years, studying Indian and Hindu Spirituality, so the ambience and atmosphere at the Crystal Castle was exactly what we needed to feel at home.” Prana and Hamsa

The Amphitheatre area faces Australia’s largest hand-carved Buddha that is resting in a pond surrounded by a lotus mosaic infinity wall. All around are monolithic crystals and lush gardens with other beautiful places for ceremonies, such as in front of a huge statue of Ganesh or the Goddess Lakshmi, and at the Sacred Labyrinth. There are many unique and beautiful spaces at the Crystal Castle perfect for your wedding or special function, and a gorgeous canopy can be erected over the Amphitheatre area for wet weather.

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