Wisdom from the Readers, Margot

Tuesday 26 October 2010

This month we feature an article by resident Crystal Castle reader Margot. Margot has been reading tarot in Australia, the USA and Mexico for over 15 years. Margot is known and respected for her caring, grounded and honest readings. She has clients locally, interstate and overseas who seek her counsel to support them with making decisions or to confirm their own intuitions on any matter.

The Fool

Often when we observe people in our lives who seem to take risks which at first seem irrational to us, we later marvel when their apparently ‘foolhardy’ choices actually work out or take them into new and exciting life directions. The Fool in The Tarot represents this instinctive trust in life and the courage which allows us to move out of stuck situations, to embrace the new and to have faith in our own inner resources and intuitions. We see this sense of wonder, adventure and spontaneity in children. The Fool card reminds us that although there can be no guaranteed outcomes in life, that life is essentially a fearless, creative journey and that the best rewards often come when we are able to walk into the unknown. Reflect on a time in your life when you were frightened of risk or change but instinctively you knew that it was right and like the Fool, you walked the path on the edge of the precipice and arrived at a much happier and more rewarding place in your life.  

Margot is available for readings on Saturdays, please book ahead to avoid disappointment. 

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