Through The Eyes of... Julie

Monday 25 October 2010

Q. Name, nickname and tell us briefly about yourself?

My name is Julie and I moved here from Brisbane twelve years ago. I had a very good friend living in Byron Bay, who has now become the Byron Bay citizen of the year! I was looking for a sea change and it turned out to be a hinterland and sea change - Which is really beautiful. 

Q. What do you love about working here and how long have you been on the Castle team?

One customer moment that really touched me was when a lady was visiting us and unfortunately her son had just passed away. She really wanted the prayer flags that we had hanging up on display. These flags definitely represented something special for her and she had particularly wanted them. So in the end I decided to give them to her as a gift from the Crystal Castle. The woman was very thankful and it turned out being a special and memorable moment. 

Q. What is your favourite dish from the Lotus Cafe?

I really like the pumpkin and chicken salad.

Q. Do you have a favourite statue and why?

Yes, my favourite statue would have to be the enormous Buddha in the Lotus pond. I love it because it is so peaceful and the swaying bamboo back drop makes me feel like I’m in another place, country or just another world.

Q. If you could buy anything from the Castle, what would you buy?

I’m very attracted to the clear quartz generators, especially the Earth Keeper which is in the Gallery surrounded by the beautiful crystal singing bowls. I’m particularly drawn to it for its beautiful rainbows, energy and size.

Q Do you have a special moment or story about a Crystal Castle visitor?

One customer moment that really touched me was, a lady was visiting us and her son had just passed away. She really wanted the prayer flags that we had hanging up on display; she particularly wanted those flags, so I gave them to her as a gift. She was very thankful.

Q. When did you get your first crystal and what was it?

When I first started working here at the Crystal Castle, it was a small clear quartz cluster, a very pretty piece full of rainbows. I still have it and I love it. I am very drawn to clear quartz.  

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