Springtime Beauty

Tuesday 19 October 2010

The beautiful gardens and walks at the Crystal Castle transform into magnificence during springtime. As you enter you may witness another beautiful lotus opening beneath water gently falling from the goddess fountain, and butterflies flutter along the winding pathways as enchanting scents waft from colorful flowers in bloom… it really is an exquisite time to visit.
Relax and reflect as you wander around this natural wonderland with sacred statues and mammoth crystals to impress the eye and enrich your spirit. Beautiful sights and scents and the sound of birds singing in between moments of peaceful silence… it is simply quite divine.
For all your senses to be satisfied, visit the Lotus Café for a scrumptious meal or a yummy treat. It really is the perfect time to feed your soul and enrich your spirit as you welcome in springtime!

  • By Crystal Castle