school holidays can be a blessing...

Wednesday 13 October 2010

The rain did not wash away the spirit of the Crystal Castle during these extremely wet school holidays and all the rainbow umbrellas added yet another touch of colour to the rich green gardens laced with springtime flowers and sparkling crystals.
Free face-painting sessions that happened during school holidays were especially popular with the kids and their faces looked gorgeous as they curiously explored the magic that can be found all around the Crystal Castle. It really is beautiful to watch children (and adults) stand and gaze into the intricacy of a pair of geode amethyst crystals that are sometimes even taller that the little ones!
On the Buddha Walk the 4m high hand-carved statue of Buddha is so impressive that people will sit on the mosaic edge on the pond that surrounds the huge statue and become mesmerised, even children become quite and noticeably peaceful in its presence… and the Gyuto Monk’s visit during the recent school holidays once again infused more beautiful energy into the sacredness of the Crystal Castle—all who came to see the monks got to share in the blessings! And guess what… yep, the rain is still hanging around!

  • By Crystal Castle